Endoscopy: "A small section of the colonic wall is completely removed"

Interview with Prof. Karel Caca, Medical Director, Clinic for internal medicine, gastroenterology, haemato-oncology, diabetology and infectiology, Hospital Ludwigsburg

Eventually, all adults need to see a physician for colon cancer prevention. While the exam goes by quickly thanks to sedation, it sometimes leads to a follow-up procedure if a growth in the colon could not be removed with the endoscope and requires open surgery.


Photo: Karel Caca

Prof. Karel Caca; © Gottfried Stoppel

Graphic: Removal of a colon polyp with a snare

Stalked adenoma can be removed with a snare, flat ones need to be removed during surgery. Tge "Full Thickness Resection Device" could change this; ©panthermedia.net/ Eraxion

Foto: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann