Every minute counts: rescue workers fight against the clock

When the call comes in at the dispatch center, things need to happen fast: rescue workers sprint to the car, race onto the street and make their way to the patient within a few short minutes. No more than thirty minutes later, the patient arrives at the hospital from which he is hopefully soon released again with a clean bill of health. At least that's how it works in theory.


Photo: Patient is brought from the rescue chopper to the hospital; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Monkeybusiness Images

Within thirty minutes, the patient should arrive in the hospital; ©panthermedia.net/ Monkeybusiness Images

Photo: Drone with attached AED; Copyright: panthermedia.net/chesky_w

Such a drone could carry defibrillators for first-aid operations soon; ©panthermedia.net/ chesky_w

Photo: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann