Human Genetics: "Physicians should be able to counsel patients on the process"

Interview with Prof. Klaus Zerres, Director of the Institute of Human Genetics in Aachen and Chairman of the German Society of Human Genetics

Human genetics is the study of the genetic makeup of human beings. DNA, chromosomes, and genes are extensively analyzed by medical specialists. Physicians of Germany need to have a qualification in genetic counseling to successfully advise patients. Until now, this was possible by participating in an online knowledge assessment. Starting mid-year, this regulation expires and 72 hours of classroom instruction need to be completed for credit.


Photo: Klaus Zerres

Prof. Klaus Zerres; © UK Aachen

Photo: DNA section

Human genetics decode the genetic makeup of human beings. The genome include around 20.000 until 25.000 genes; © Volkov

Photo: Lorraine Dindas

© B. Frommann