KOHALA: digital student for cancer treatment

Shortening a time-consuming procedure from four hours to five minutes and automate it at the same time sounds like a dream come true for employees in all fields and industry sectors. This dream could soon become a reality for radiologists. Software could take away the tedious processing of CT images, which is required before cancer radiation therapy.


Photo: User interface; Copyright: Fraunhofer IGD

The user-interface of KOHALA. Different organs are displayed in color: the spinal cord (dark blue), a saliva gland (green) and the larynx (light blue); ©Fraunhofer IGD

Photo: KOHALA; Copyright: Fraunhofer IGD

Three-dimensional model of head and neck from KOHALA; ©Fraunhofer IGD

Photo: Work at the KOHALA project; Copyright: Fraunhofer IGD

Dr. Wesarg (in the back) and a colleague operating the KOHALA software;
©Fraunhofer IGD

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann