Melt electrospinning writing: polymer fibers for tissue engineering

Interview with Prof. Paul Dalton, Department for functional materials in medicine and dentistry, University of Würzburg

Sometimes, soft tissue in our body needs to be replaced after surgery or an injury. But surgeons are not always able to take tissue from other body parts as a replacement. Then, they need to use implants. The production of soft implants that can constantly endure load and stress like our own tissue is a big challenge for research. Melt electrospinning writing can be a solution.


Photo: Prof. Paul Dalton

Prof. Paul Dalton; © private

Photo: Printer head over a glass sheet

Using electrical fields, polymer fibers are drawn onto a target object in melt electrospinning writing with this printer; ©Paul Dalton

Photo: REM picture of stacked fibers

These boxes with a width of 250µm have been produced with melt electrospinning writing; ©Almoataz Youssef

Photo: Transparent tissue scaffold against the light

Tissue scaffold made from hydrogel and polymer fibers; ©Paul Dalton

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann