Multi-resistant bacteria want to conquer the world

Bacteria lurk everywhere: on the skin, in the intestines and in every puddle. Most of them that are hanging out in the human body are good bacteria. But not all of them. Those pathogens that exhibit resistance and are thus very hard to combat are the most dangerous kind. Their spread threatens people all over the world.


Graphic: Spherical bacteria; Copyright:

Among the most common multiresistant pathogens include MRSA, ESBL-forming K. pneumoniae and E. coli, and VRE; © royaltystockphoto

MRB in Germany

Photo: Physician is washing his hands; Copyright: Marcinski

Still too many pathogens are transmitted through the hands of the hospital staff. Hand disinfection plays an enormous role in the prevention of infections; © Piotr Marcinski

MRB internationally

Across borders

Photo: Michalina Chrzanowska; Copyright: B. Frommann

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