Networked healthcare – Apps and co.


Image: Different medical symbols are seen like on a screen. A hand wearing a white glove taps on a symbol; Copyright:

The future of medicine lies in 'digital revolution'; ©

Across borders: diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation, continuing education

Image: A patient sits infront of a computer. On the screen a doctor is seen, who holds some x-ray images in her hand; Copyright:

Despite spatial distance, it is possible for patients to get diagnosis and therpy from their doctor; ©

Using telemedicine to combat heart failure

Image: A woman is running in the background. In the front a hand holds a smartphone, which shows the heartbeat and the pulse of the woman; Copyright:

Medical apps make it possible to check the own medical data and therefore develop a healthier lifestyle. But it is important, that the app is of good quality; ©

Medical apps – the unstoppable trend

Image: A female doctor looks at a tablet, in the background can be seen different medical symbols; Copyright:

In the future patients will have a good look at their medical data, so that they have access to the data anytime and anyplace via an app on a smartphone; ©

Anytime, anywhere – patient data is always available