RESCUER: "Crowds should take an active part in ensuring their own safety during major events"

Interview with Dr. Karina Villela, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE, and Prof. Paul Lukowicz, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Thousands of people push through a tight tunnel: 21 people died while several hundred people were injured this way during the Love Parade 2010 disaster in Duisburg, Germany. Today we know that such disasters could be prevented, if communication between event participants and rescue workers would be better.


Photo: Smiling woman with dark hair and striped blouse - Dr. Karina Villela

Dr. Karina Villela; ©Fraunhofer IESE

Photo: Smiling older man with grey suite - Prof. Paul Lukowicz

Prof. Paul Lukowicz; ©DFKI

Photo: Spectator in the stadium takes a picture with his mobile phone; Copyright: Tyler Olson

The new communications platform gives people the opportunity to have an influence on their own safety; © Tyler Olson

Photo: Tightly packed stadium ranks; Copyright: Ludwig

The photos, videos and text messages delivered by the crowd will be semi-
automatically filtered and forwarded to the command center; © Marion Ludwig

Foto: Michalina Chrzanowska; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann