Small companions: How wearables change our lives

They can be seen everywhere: at the wrists, in the ear, clipped to the belt. Wearables are small technical assistants who are built to collect and partially also to analyze data. Some of them collect measurable health data, for example the body temperature or the heartrate, others "only" count their user’s steps or measure the surrounding UV radiation. The fact is, however, that wearables are en vogue and are used for many different cases.


Photo: Man with smartphone and smartwatsch

Wearables like a smartphone or a SmartWatch you can see now more often; © Andriy Popov

Photo: Woman takes a red pill

The term "wearable" also covers electronic pills that are swallowed. Equipped with small cameras, their path can be tracked through the body. A stomach ulcer or colon cancer can be diagnosed this way (symbol picture); © ginasanders

Photo: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

©B. Frommann