Sodium intake and blood pressure: too much salt is bad for you. What about too little salt?

Interview with Professor Helmut Schatz, Bochum, Member of the Board of the German Society of Endocrinology (DGE)


Image: Prof Helmut Schatz; Copyright: Volker Daum, Fotoabteilung Bergmaqnnsheil Bochum

Prof Helmut Schatz; © Volker Daum, Fotoabteilung Bergmaqnnsheil Bochum

Image: Heart-shaped bowl with salt; Copyright:

The result of the new stuy: consuming too little salt is also bad for you; ©

Image: Plate with vegetables, a hand is salting it; Copyright:

"My recommendation: if you are healthy, you should consume reasonable amounts of salt, while patients with high blood pressure and cardiac insufficiency should reduce their sodium intake."; ©