Surgery: "Our camera detects the tiniest remainder of a tumor"

Interview with Nikolas Dimitriadis, research group "Biomedical Optics", Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA)

Differentiating tumor tissue from healthy tissue isn’t always easy for surgeons. Scattered cancer cells and early cancer are often hard to detect with the naked eye. A special camera now makes even the tiniest remainder of a tumor visible during surgery.


Photo: Nikolas Dimitriadis

Nikolas Dimitriadis; ©Konrad Gös

Photo: Fluorescent tissue; Copyright: Fraunhofer IPA

The new camera shows colored structures with fluorescent dyes (here: blue and green areas); ©Fraunhofer IPA

Foto: Michalina Chrzanowska; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann