Tissue storage: "Our top biobanks are internationally leading the charge"

Interview with Prof. Peter Schirmacher, Managing Director, Insitute of Pathology, Heidelberg University Hospital

Only projects with a solid foundation are successful in the long run. This is also true for science. Biobanks are the most important component of this foundation when it comes to fundamental biomedical research: Only high quality tissue samples that are stored there make conclusive research possible - for example in search of the causes of tumorigenesis.


Photo: Object slides; ©panthermedia.net/PAN XUNBIN

"Collection alone is nothing and project realization is everything": Appropriate documentation, organization are storage are important qualities of a research-focused biobank; ©panthermedia.net/PAN XUNBIN

Photo: Tissue under microscope

Tissue samples are the most important "ressource" in biomedical research. They allow the search of the causes of tumorigenesis for example; © panthermedia.net/Norbert Dr. Lange

Photo: Glasses slides with tissue sections

The quality of samples in a research project needs to be validated by experts. Projects that are based on unsuitable samples merely are a waste of time and money. Their outcomes are useless for the industry, doctors and patients; ©panthermedia.net/ luchschen

Foto: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

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