eHealth: just for self-taught learners?

Every technology we take for granted today was new and unfamiliar at first and needed to be learned: this applies to smartphones, new operating systems or VCRs alike. It is even more important to keep up with the latest technologies in your job since know-how also presents a financial advantage. Physicians fare no differently here than other occupational groups.


Photo: Physicians videochatting

eHealth, like a video conference between two physicians, are well on the way to change the health care system; © Andrey Popov

New technology pays off for patients and physicians

Photo: Female physician with a laptop

Until now, eHealth seems to be a relevant topic only for physicians who are anyway interested in the topic; © danr13

eHealth: status uncertain

Photo: Physician and patient are looking at ultrasound images

New technology in the physician's office pays off in the long run, both for patients and physicians. This is not only true for eHealth but also imaging and diagnostics; © SimpleFoto

Easily accessible options pave the way for new technologies

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann