Imaging techniques: ultrasound, MRI, CT, catheters and other procedures to keep a healthy heart


Image: Colored sonographic image of the human heart from Doppler ultrasonography; Copyright:

Many different imaging procedures are able to show the heart to us today. Doppler ultrasonography, that shows the blood flow, is one of them.

Image: Man with a bare upper body and ECG electrodes is being pushed into the CT; Copyright:

Non-invasive imaging methods, like the CT, are able to show the heart to us without putting the patient at risk.

Non-invasive imaging techniques are a low-risk option to show the heart

Image: Drawing of a heart that is partly erased; Copyright:

Many factors are threatening the health of our heart today, like lack of movement, overweight, high blood pressure and unhealthy eating. This is why an early and reliable diagnosis of heart diseases is all the more important.

Quantity with quality: imaging procedures all about the heart

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