SilverFit – Training and gaming for the elderly

Interview with Joris Wiersinga, CEO of SilverFit


Image: A smiling, blonde man with glasses – Joris Wiersinga; Copyright: SilverFit, Robert ten Berge

Joris Wiersinga; © SilverFit, Robert ten Berge

Image: Two elderly are sitting beside each other, looking on a screen, where a bingo game can be seen. One woman is standing up; Copyright: SilverFit, Robert ten Berge

The SilverFit 3D uses a 3D camera to measure the movements of the users and combine it with the game, for example a bingo game; ©SilverFit, Robert ten Berge

Image: A woman is sitting in her bed, looking on a laptop in front of her. Beside her are standing a woman and a man; Copyright: SilverFit, Robert ten Berge

The SilverFit Rephagiais a system for swallowing problems. The game with the kangaroo trains to swallow at the right time; ©SilverFit, Robert ten Berge

Image: Elderly are sitting at a table, playing cards; Copyright: Trautmann

Whether being old or young – everyone enjoys playing a game. That is the principle SilverFit uses for its systems: combining game and movement; © Trautmann

Image: Olga Wart; © Rolf Stahl