Collect Data? Utilize Data! – The Blessings of Big Data


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Many different data accumulate in the medical sector. But not only the collecting but also the use of the data is important; ©

Systems medicine: systematic interdisciplinary research

Image: A scientist working in a laboratory, in the front a DNA strand can be seen; Copyright: ltd

The systems medicine uses not only data of imaging or biopsics, but also data of the so calles "omics" technologies. A promising approach, for example in the search of the causes of atrial fibrillation; © Wavebreakmedia ltd

Analyzing, linking and interpreting patient data

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In hospitals, Artificial Intelligence can be of assistance in advisory capacity. AI can read the masses of research literature in just a short amount of time and present the results. This is a good help especially in the diagnosis of rare disieases; ©

Watson and others – computers for daily hospital routines

Image: Olga Wart; © Rolf Stahl