Medical imaging is onto septic fungi

Interview with Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche, Department head Nanobiophotonics at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology Jena e.V.


Image: Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche; Copyright: Sven Döring

Dr Wolfgang Fritzsche; ©Sven Döring

Image: Microarrays; Copyright: Leibniz-IPHT

The nanoparticles (left) are arranged into spots (middle), which are grouped into an array (right); ©Leibniz-IPHT

Image: Demonstrator; Copyright: Leibniz-IPHT

In case of a fungal sepsis it is particularly difficult to identify the exact pathogen. With the optical analysis system, disease-causing fungi can be diagnosed not only faster but also more reliably; ©Leibniz-IPHT

Image: Olga Wart; © Rolf Stahl