"XoSoft" Project – Wearable Intelligent Exoskeleton

Interview with Professor Markus Wirz, Director of Research and Development at the Institute of Physiotherapy, Zurich University of Applied Sciences


Image: A smiling man - Prof. Markus Wirz; Copyright: ZHAW

Prof. Markus Wirz; © ZHAW

Image: Graphic which shows the functions of the XoSoft; Copyright: Eoin White, www.designfactors.ie, University of Limerick

XoSoft consists of different modules for ankle, knee and hip, which can be selected based on the patient's need; © Eoin White, www.designfactors.ie, University of Limerick

Image: An old man walks with his rollator and his son, who is helping him, through the park; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Lisa Young

In addition to patients recovering grom a stroke and patients with incomplete spinal code injuries, older people, who exhibit limited walking ability due to their age are "Primary Users" of XoSoft; © panthermedia.net/Lisa Young

Image: In a movement laboratory, a man is wearing sensors on his legs and armst, while walking. During this he is being recorded and observed; Copyright: DAS BILD für ZHAW Gesundheit

The Beta Prototype is constantly tested and reviewed in the Movement Laboratory of the Institute of Physiotherapy of the ZHAW. Future users are also included in the development process; © DAS BILD für ZHAW Gesundheit

Image: Olga Wart; © Rolf Stahl