Prosthetics – Research offers new possibilities


Photo: An orthopaedic technician fits a prosthesis; Copyright:

New manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing primarily promise relief and efficiency in the manufacture of prostheses. However, the know-how of an orthopaedic technician is still required.

Photo: Man standing at a lake. He wears the Mecuris NexStep prosthetic foot and a cover; Copyright: Mecuris

The Mecuris NexStep prosthetic foot and cover are saltwater-resistant and come from the 3D printer - digitally adapted for maximum wearing comfort.

3D printing brings a breath of fresh air to prosthetic manufacturing

Photo: A collage showing the shark prosthesis and stockings in different designs; Copyright: frankpurk GmbH

Even though the "great white shark" prosthesis stands for the creative and unusual possibilities of his prosthesis design, orthopaedic technician Frank Purk also has many other products to offer.

3D printing not yet a comprehensive solution

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private

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