More diversity at different types of events – it doesn’t hurt to ask or to inform


Photo: The stage of the Sziget Festival can be seen between two wheelchair users on the podium.; Copyright: Timo Hermann |

To the festival in a wheelchair? That's no problem now. Many festival organizers have set their sights on accessibility. Much to the delight of live music lovers and fresh air enthusiasts.

Better information content equals fewer obstacles

Photo: Barbara Fickert - movie loving blind woman - sits in a cinema hall with headphones; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

At least film festivals are relatively accessible. Apps such as Greta & Starks enable blind and visually impaired people, such as the moviel loving blind woman Barbara Fickert, to enjoy movies thanks to audio description.

Accessibility also promotes diversity in events

Photo: Judyta Smykowski; Copyright: privat

When it comes to accessible events, experts like Judyta Smykowski from are probably the first point of contact. The Berliners not only have tips on places, speakers and accessibility, but also advertise for more information content.

Participation is a process but it doesn’t hurt to ask

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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