Topics of the Month 2019

Ambient Assisted Living

Image: elderly woman with a tablet on her lap; Copyright: Dolgachov


Image: Flags are blowing in the wind to the backdrop of a dark evening sky; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann


Image: Connection of medical devices; Copyright:

AI in imaging

Image: Robot looks at huge amount of CT images of the brain; Copyright:

Technology against resistances

Image: Two petri dishes with different kinds of agar plates on which bacterial cultures are growing; Copyright:

Sports medicine

Image: Sports shoes of an athlete; Copyright: Daxiao_Productions

Robotics for rehabilitation

Image: Boy with robotic gait trainer on treadmill; Copyright:

Cybersecurity in the hospital

Image: A male and a female physician look at a tablet together; Copyright: Ltd.

Functional Imaging

Image: CT scan open; Copyright:

Comprehensive COPD management

Image: Dosage inhaler and stethoscope in front of a shelf; Copyright:

Modern diabetes therapies

Image: Woman with diabetes and a sensor; Copyright: and Photo

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Topics of the Month 2020

Image: The year 2020, written in large red numbers on white ground; Copyright: