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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.10  Scales, body fat testing

Scales, body fat testing

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.11  Other equipment for electromedicine / medical technology

Other equipment for electromedicine / medical technology

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.01  Analyser systems / equipment

Analyser systems / equipment

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.19  Scales and balances
  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.07  Other diagnostics

Other diagnostics

Our products

Product category: Scales and balances

Equinox Touchscreen Lab Balances

Equinox semi-micro, analytical, and precision balances bring remarkable precision to labs that perform highly detailed testing. The Equinox is ideal for research and quality assurance facilities; science education; precision counting; and production and manufacturing applications needing exceptionally precise results. A color touch screen display provides intuitive operation, with icon-driven menus and readily accessible applications and functions.

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Product category: Scales and balances

Solis Graphic Display Lab Balances

With a high-resolution graphic display and intuitive features, Solis analytical, milligram and precision balances provide an outstanding solution for complex lab weighing tasks. Solis is ideal for research and quality assurance labs; science education; precision counting; and production and manufacturing applications needing precision results. Available in a wide selection of models, the Solis series offers capacities ranging from 120g to 8,200g with readabilities of 0.1mg, 1mg and 0.01g. Dual-range, semi-micro analytical models boast capacities of 120g and 220g and a readability of 0.01mg.

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Product category: Analyser systems / equipment

PMB Moisture Analyser

With simple operation and quick response time, Adam Equipment’s PMB moisture analyzer is ideal for a range of applications.
The PMB's automatic test-setting function enables easy recall for frequent testing of the same items without additional user programming. USB and RS-232 interfaces provide speedy connectivity, while a second USB port allows storage of test programs and data on a flash drive. PMB moisture analyzers are self-contained, needing neither additional software nor a network connection for readings. Users can collect data on a production floor or anywhere power is available.  The PMB offers rugged metal housing, automatic external calibration, capacity tracker and a levelling bubble. A pan lifter is included to easily remove samples. 

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About AEdam

Located in Felde, Germany, AE Adam GmbH is an independent company founded in 2014 to serve Adam Equipment customers and distributors in Europe. The company provides reliable service, sales technical assistance, and repairs, along with innovative weighing products that contain the right combination of value, functionality, and state-of-the-art technology.

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Laboratory Equipment