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Product category: Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

Premium Ultra Low Freezer -90°C

The best choice for your valuable samples!

The new INTEGRA range is developed to target the most critical user in the market. The INTEGRA rangefeatures our dual cooling system, that consists of two independent systems offering you the best security. In case of any failure with one of the cooling systems, the other system will still maintain the temperature at -80°C. Thereby, your samples will not be affected by any challenge caused by an unexpected system failure, until service is provided. This is possible due to our highly reliable single compressor technology.

• Dual cooling system for double security
• Maximum cooling of compressors with airflow control
• VIP panels to secure lowest energy consumption
• ECO mode that significantly reduces energy consumption
• Reduced noise level <49 dB
• Self-diagnostic function
• Adjustable shelves
• Easy removable inner doors
• Insulated inner doors
• 100% HCFC/CFC free
• Filterless construction

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Product category: Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

Arctiko biomedical fridge/freezers +2°/+8°

Biomedical Refrigerator
The FLEXA series are suitable for laboratories due to the flexible interior and the stabile performance. The FLEXA models are available from 55L to 437 L in capacity. It is user-friendly with adjustable shelves and comes with the most necessary alarms. The smaller models in this range is suitable for minor laboratories, offices etc. for storage of diagnostic samples, vaccines and storage of reagents.

The FLEXA range has integrated air forced cooling that have great advantages. The technology secures a high temperature stability and fast temperature recovery after door openings. Air forced cooling technology is where cold air is blast out from the top over the evaporator coils to cool the unit uniformly. In our units, we make sure that the air is circulated to make sure that there is not hot areas with stagnant air.

Main features:
• Adjustable shelves
• Door key lock
• Static cooling/ air forced cooling
• Basket for better storage
• Carel controller (digital)
• High/low temperature alarm
• LED light
• SVS voltage stabilizer (optional)
• GSM alarm module (optional)

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Product category: Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems


The best choiced for storing long-term storage applications
The CRYO range features a dual cooling system comprised by two independent systems offering double security. In the unlikely event that one cooling system should fail, the second cooling system will maintain the freezer at -130°C. The CRYO freezers offers a wide variety of research and long-term storage applications for low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of cells, DNA, bone material, bacteria, etc. With its superior cooling precision and features, the CRYO freezer is the perfect choice for testing special material, ideal for hospitals, university laboratories, military industry or sanitation stations.

• Dual cooling system for double security
• Reaching -150°C in 6 hours!
• Low power consumption
• Low noise level
• Visual and acoustic alarm
• Temperature chart recorder
• Digital display
• Battery back up
• Porthole for external temperature probe
• 100 % CFC / HCFC free
• Prepared for LN2 back up

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About us

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ARCTIKO - true cooling specialists

ARCTIKO is rapidly becoming the first and best choice when it comes to delivering advanced and customised cooling and freezing solutions - primarily in healthcare and life sciences.

ARCTIKO is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and professional cold chain manufacturer in the world - famous for our ability to deliver leading edge, customised cooling and freezing solutions of the highest quality.

Through dedicated and ambitious teamwork, ARCTIKO takes pride in providing value added solutions - all the way from the early stages of design right down to delivery according to market and customer needs all around the globe.

ARCTIKO manages all processes when it comes to providing high quality products and solutions for our customers. Flexibility and meticulous attention to detail in every phase ensures, that ARCTIKO is able to guarantee full customer satisfaction with regards to product requirements, quality and performance.

Through sharp focus on innovation, great design and market leading customer service, ARCTIKO has witnessed substantial growth and brand acknowledgement in recent years. We believe, that at a passionate approach to every project - paired with high team spirit amongst our competent employees of true cooling experts - enables us to make a significant difference for all of our customers.

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