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  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.02  Diagnostic rapid tests

Diagnostic rapid tests

Our products

Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Attest Products

5 Drugs
ATCup-05-02 AMP500/COC150/MET500/MOR300/THC50
ATCupD-05-02 AMP500/COC150/MET500/MOR300/THC50/(CR/OX/pH)
ATCupD-05-10 AMP500/COC150/MET500/OPI2000/THC50/(CR/OX/pH)

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Advin Basic Producs

5 Drugs
ABCup-05-02 AMP500/COC150/MET500/MOR300/THC50
ABCupA-05-02 AMP500/COC150/MET500/MOR300/THC50/(OX/pH/SG)

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About us

Company details

Advin Biotech is a burgeoning corporation dedicated to the conceptualization, development and commercialization of point-of-care tests for in vitro diagnostic use and near-donor rapid tests for non-medical markets. Our prowess lies in the field of toxicology, but are also proficient in creating solutions for infectious disease, women’s health, cardiology and oncology needs. Founded in 2009 by industry-leading immunology scientists, we are an FDA-registered IVD manufacturer producing devices under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality System Regulations (QSR).

With full R&D and manufacturing capabilities located in our San Diego, California site and mirrored aptitude in our sister company Hangzhou Biotest Biotech, Co. Ltd., we are poised to respond to the needs of partners and customers regardless of the geography. With automated technical manufacturing, semi-automated assembly and a corporate commitment to use 3rd party, FDA cleared commercial controls for all Quality Control sampling; we are uniquely positioned to offer state-of-the art tests.

We have the intra-company organic chemistry expertise to facilitate the design and synthesis of immunogens and the complementing ability to use the resulting immunogens to generate antibodies for the sensitive and specific detection of antigens and biomarkers. We encourage partnerships and co-development opportunities accordingly.

Our short-term strategic goal is to augment our existing FDA cleared test menu with first-to-market, “organically-grown” assays targeted to fill the many gaps in the diverse toxicology market. Our long-term goal is to foster partnerships in the worldwide medical and forensic communities with a shared goal of providing affordable, accurate and actionable tests that fill unmet needs.

Whether you are looking to create a bespoke Research and Development test to respond to an immediate need or an off-the-shelf, top-of-the line CLIA waived drug screen cup, Advin is the solution.

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