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Product category: Linen


Voyager is a Bipolar Multifunctional Epidural Electrocather with Steerable Active Tip, designed for Electrical Stimulation, for pulsed radiofrequency epidural spinal neural structures (spinal nerves, dorsal nerve roots and the respective posterior dorsal ganglia) and pharmacological treatments. Electrocatheter is designed for chronic neuropathic painful pathologies treatment of the epidural space.
The electrocatheter is inserted through an introducer needle into the epidural space via hiatus sacral channel or via extraforaminal way. The electrocather is connected to a Radiofrequency Generator in stimulation modality and pulsed PRF Radiofrequency.
In the bipolar version, the two opposite sign electrodes located into the electrocatheter tip, associated to the generator, allow to generate an electrical bipolar field, that interrupts the nervous stimulus conduction inhibiting pain trasmission.
Bipolar electrical field avoids the electrosurgical plates or active electrode cannula use, with the advantage that the current flow is optimized and the energy is not dissipated but is concentrated in the area to be treated, ensuring Electrical Stimulation and a more precise and selective Radiofrequency.

- (Motor and Sensory) Stimulation of dorsal nervous structures, directed to the research and the correct identification of the pain origin, to get an accurate and a correct positioning of the tip, to identify the nerve roots to be treated with PRF
- Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment (PRF) on several levels, of spinal and dorsal nerve structures.
- Spinal cord stimulation (Cord – Radicular)
- Pharmacological treatments by selective drugs infusion on the target to be treated in the spinal canal or contrast liquids infusions.
- Treatment for adhesiolysis, peridurolysis or lysis of adhesions by epidural access with electrical evocation tests and with mechanic and chemical action.

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Product category: Linen


Cervical and Lumbar ALFADEK

ALFADEK is a device created for Percutaneous Disc Decompression, by mechanical action, to remove part of the nucleus pulpous of intervertebral disc, for the treatment of radicular pain due to contained herniated disc.
ALFADEK uses a particular helical probe based on the principle of Archimedes’ never ending screw.
The auger tip of the probe, put into a specific cannula inserted in the disc, turning anticlockwise, collects portions of the nucleus pulpous of the disc, reducing the volume and its internal pressure and the pressure that the disc, herniated or protuberant, exercises on surrounding structures, determining the resolution of the disc-radicular conflict, with immediate reduction of radicular pain.
This procedure is appropriate at each level of the spine with great advantages for the patient. It’s mini-invasive, no pain, with no surgical incisions and with short hospital stay. It is made by local anesthesia under fluoroscopic guidance.
Thanks to the particular system of the helical probe, it is possible to examine the disc material removed, that is collected, during the procedure, in a specific reservoir.


1 - With reservoir, Luer-Lock connection and helical motorized needle.

2 - Distal removable probe


1 - With reservoir, Luer-Lock connection and helical motorized needle with augers that completely cover the length of the probe.

2 - Distal removable probe

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Product category: Linen

The DenerveX® System

DenerveX® is a rotational, monopolar, radiofrequency denervation device, powered by a dedicated DenerveX® Pro-40 generator. It is designed to ablate the nerve and capsular tissue on the posterior surface of the facet joint. Denervation is achieved through Rotacapsulation™, a combination of high heat and rotational tissue shaving.

Each DenerveX® device is provided in a procedure tray with the following accessories: 1mm K-wire, Procedure Dilator, Portal Tube, Portal Driver and Tissue Stabilizer. The DenerveX® device and accessories are designed for single-use and provided sterile. 

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About us

Company details

AlfaMed boasts an experience of over twenty-five years in this business. It began as an authorized dealer in some regions of Central Italy and since 2007 it has become an importer and distributor for the Italian market of certain products for Pain Therapy, Spine Surgery and Vascular Accesses positioning itself in the market with high-technology, innovative and exclusive products. 
The experience gained over the years has led to the evolution and improvement of skills in the hospital field, leading ,in addition, to a high degree of specialization along with a high quality standard of the products.


The company is structured with a sales network on the national territory dedicated to each product family:
- Pain therapy
- Spine

Alfamed makes use of a network of agents, retailers and professionals of technical-scientific assistance for enhancing the training and the education of the therapies and of the marketed products. 

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