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Michele Malinverno

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Sep 13, 2018

43 partner countries to which we export.

In almost 40 years of continued business activity, AL.MA. Thermoforming and Blister Packing Machines have produced and still produce efficient packaging for medical, industrial and food fields in more than 43 different countries, spreading the quality of Italian-made products all over the world.

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Sep 13, 2018

AL.MA. provides INDUSTRY 4.0 Thermoforming and Blister Packaging Machines.

Join the INDUSTRY 4.0 era with us and renovate your manufacturing plants with latest AL.MA. technology.

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Sep 12, 2018


As a good Italian people, we have always firmly believed that the key to achieve a target is listening to the heart rather than to what people say.

People are usually afraid to take risks and take on new challenges. Italians know that the obstacles we might face along the way will just make us stronger and more competitive.

Courage and passion pushed us to run our father's business and look for those "travelling companions" who helped us to make it grow and lead it to where we are today.

We transfer the same courage and passion to every machine we manufacture. Every single day our machines not only produce a multitude of packages for million people, but also become a part of their lives, somehow.

Claudio, Laura, Stefania Ferrari

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Sep 12, 2018


We provide on a daily basis tailor-made and high-tech solutions for the blister packing of disposable medical products and pharmaceutical items like syringes, needles, catheters, filters, gauzes, surgical kits, valves, cannulas, phials and much more.

We offer Automatic Blister Packing Machines designed and built on order to be used in cleaning rooms.

You have the possibility to use rigid films, flexible films, multi-layer aluminium films, medical paper and Tyvek in order to be able to access to the following sterilization procedure.

You can choose the option to get only trays up to 1 mm. thickness, without top sealing.

We have a wide range of printers depending on the required application such as ink-jet printers, flexographic printers or thermal transfer printers.

There is the possibility to install in-line labelling systems in order to apply labels both above and below the packages.

If necessary, we can offer machines that produce packages in modified atmosphere and/or under vacuum for particular applications.

Our numbers:

. 1979 - Foundation year

. 10.000 - sqm. production site

. 100% in hous design and manufacturing

. 3 market segments: medical, industrial, food

. 43 partner countries to which we export

. 8 strategic pillars: reliability, high-technology, quality, innovation, good planning, internationality, experience, accurate pre- and after-sales service.

. Limitless configurations. solutions and personalization that meet our customer's requirements.  

"When customers face complex tasks, we are with them from Day One".


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About us

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AL.MA. - The tailor of Thermoforming and Blister Packaging Machines

We are an Italian company born as a mechanical workshop in the late 1970s thanks to the desire and will of the founder, Mr. Vito Ferrari, who established the company naming in "Officina Meccanica Ferrari Vito".

On 24 July 1987 the company becomes a corporation and is named "AL.MA. Srl Packing and Packaging Machinery".

From this moment, the second generation enters the company and collaborate with the founder for more than 20 years.

Today, after almost 40 years of activity, AL.MA. has met the national and international market demands with a very customized approach: we produce only on order; we size and equip each machine with specific groups on the basis of customers' requirements.

This procedure helps minimize waste deriving from used wrapping materials and boost the packaging of each product.

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