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Akatsuki Technology (http://www.akatsuki-tech.com) is a famous manufacturer in making of ultra-high-precision for optical, mechanical, fluid, vision core OEM key parts.

Sapphire, Quartz, Pyrex, CaF2, MgF2, or other special glass raw materials are used.

Main products / applications: 

1) Optical bonding Flow Cell for particle counters; Ultra-High-Vaccum( UHV ) Cell for MOT; PBS for High-power laser system; 

Flow Cell for partical counters is one of the most products.
Flow Cell can be applied of the equipment for detection of Blood, Urinal, Bacteria, Particals in super-pure-water for semiconductor field, Particals in Air etc. The Channel size can be as narrow as 1 μm. All the channels are optical surfaces.   
Ultra-High-Vacuum (UHV) Cell is another main kind for Quantum Research. 
Glass Micro-channel (chips) for DNA diagnosis, Electrophoresis, Bacteria's counters. Accuracy level is 0.1 μm by machinery process
Glass (Quartz or Pyrex) cuvette for Biochemical spectrum instruments.
2) Quartz Micro / Micro Lens-Array for exposure systems  

Micro-lens & micro-prism applies for endoscope etc are also our main products.
Micro-lens will be as small as Φ0.3 to 3 mm.
3) Plane surface level N < 1/100 λ 

Ultra-precision plane surface will be as high as 1/100 λ for about Φ90mm, 1/60 λ for about Φ150mm, 1/20 λ for about Φ300mm. Ra < 2 A (RMS)
Prism will be as about 1 mm to 500 mm
4) Color filter products (not by coating, but by color-glass-materials)

5) Other special processes of Quartz or PYREX glass

Φ0.3mm hole-drilling of glass (such as quartz, Pyrex etc) material
The products of Akatsuki Technology are widely applied in Medical, Biochemical, Semi-conductor, Cold-Atom, Quantum, Environmental, Astronaut and other frontier fields in all the world. 

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