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  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.09  Equipment for urological investigation and diagnosis

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Product category: Equipment for urological investigation and diagnosis

Wireless biofeedback system for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

BioSmart is a wireless EMG-based biofeedback system for pelvic floor rehabilitation, and can be used with vaginal or rectal probes, and surface skin electrodes (patch electrodes).

  • Wireless Communication
  • Patient Management
  • Questionnaires
  • User Target Configurations
  • Standard and Customised Protocols
  • Continuous Improvement Analysis
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation - Periform
  • Biofeedback for Anal Sphincter - Anuform
  • User Configurable Reports
  • EMG Input Channel
  • Patient input protection: ~6kOhms
  • Input range: 1mV full scale
  • Input resolution: >100nV (averaged)
  • Acceptable DC voltage : 600mV maximum
  • Input impedance: 1010 ohms // 1pF
  • Input impedance imbalance: >40%
  • Common mode rejection: >100dB
  • Bandwidth: 10Hz~1000Hz
  • Optional Notch: 50Hz
  • Input referred noise level: 2µV (averaged)
  • Sampling rate: 2000 samples/second
  • Resolution: 24bits (bit weight <30nV)

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Product category: Equipment for urological investigation and diagnosis

Elmedical thermochemotherapy system

BWT (Bladder Wall Thermochemotherapy) for Bladder cancer:
  • BWT treats non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC).
  • BWT provides bladder wall thermochemotherapy with uniform hyperthermia all over the bladder by high flow of a heated Mitomycin-C solution.
  • BWT provides conductive-heat which is easy to control within the bladder.
  • BWT heat is administered precisely and uniformly throughout the bladder avoiding "hot spots” or ineffective "cold spots”.

Bladder Wall Thermochemotherapy (BWT) treats non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) by combining uniform bladder wall hyperthermia with chemotherapy instillation.

Combination of heat and drug has synergistic effect:
  • Heat selectively damages the cancer tissue (neoplastic tissue)
  • Heat increases tissue drug uptake by 3 mechanisms:
  • Heat increases blood flow (more available to the tissue)
  • Heat increases cell membrane permeability to the drug
  • Heat accelerates drug metabolism (every 1 centigrade over 37 centigrade increase at 50%)
The procedure offering best patient's tolerance:
  • No pain; performed with topical anesthesia only.
  • No post-procedure Catheter.
  • No rectal, bladder or tissue temperature probes.
  • Patient returns back to normal activities the same day.
BWT inherent features:
  • Better controlled conductive heat leads to better drug stability.
  • The high rate circulation in the bladder continuously brings "fresh" heated drug in contact with all bladder wall.
  • Uniform and precise bladder wall temperature maintained all over the bladder while there are:
  • No "hot spots" (burns in posterior bladder wall), and
  • No "cold spots" (ineffective low heating near the bladder dome or trigone).
  • The uniform and precise temperature enables increase of the targeted temperature to 44degC without adverse events.
  • The absence of burns leads to increased patient tolerability to the treatment.
  • Non-traumatic insertion of the 18Fr flexible catheter which has no rigid parts.

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Product category: Equipment for urological investigation and diagnosis

Catheter Introducer

Emergency urethral catheter introducer.

00120001 Catheter Introducer
00121000 Urology Emergency Pack (00120000 Male Dilator Set + 139100035150 Guidewire + 00120001 Catheter Introducer)

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About us

Company details

Albyn Medical specialises in the manufacture and supply of systems and consumables for Urology / Gynaecology, and Gastroenterology. We also distribute other manufacturers products within these fields, to complement our product range.

We have been designing, producing and supplying equipment and consumables to a world-wide customer base, via an international distributor network since 1985.

Founded and originally based in Scotland - U.K., our headquarters are now based in Navarra - Spain, where we have a dedicated production & distribution facility, and research & development centre.

We were one of the first companies in the world to develop computer-based Urodynamics and GI Motility systems; Albyn Medical's on-going R&D programme ensures that our products always meet changing market needs and specifications.

Albyn Medical encourages innovative thinking and since its inception, has maintained an active research and development programme. We are always interested in ideas that might lead to new products, or modifications to existing models.

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