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Consulting services for health organisations

Our products

Product category: Surface disinfectants

Oxygenon Liquid r.f.u.

keyword: surface disinfection, disinfection of incubators, anaesthetic machines, respirators, etc.
Oxygenon Liquid r.f.u. is a ready to use, liquid solution based on active oxygen for the disinfection of surfaces and medical devices. Oxygenon Liquid r.f.u. has a very broad
spectrum of efficacy: bactericidal (incl. TB), yeasticidal, virucidal, and sporicidal. The special feature of Oxygenon Liquid r.f.u. is that it is a ready to use and liquid disinfectant based on active oxygen which enables an outstanding pleasant and quick application. The product is suited for the use in all areas with an increased risk of
infection: operating theatres, ICUs, burn-, transplantation-, premature-, and isolationunits, emergency rooms, doctors’ practices as well as in nursing homes and outpatient
nursing services, physiotherapy, etc.
Oxygenon Liquid r.f.u. is also suitable for disinfection measures in laboratories, in the pharmaceutical industry, in public institutions, communal facilities, etc.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

Antiseptica Combi Surface

Keyword: surface disinfection
Antiseptica Combi Surface is an aldehyde-based concentrate for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces with a particularly broad spectrum of efficacy.
The product is based on a synergistic combination of glutaraldehyde, QAV’s (quaternary ammonium compounds) and highly-active surfactants; it is free of formaldehyde.
Antiseptica Combi Surface exhibits a very broad microbicidal spectrum of efficacy and is particularly efficient due to low use concentrations. It is suitable for the disinfection of patient-side surfaces and medical inventory like bed frames, operating tables, etc.
Furthermore it is well suited for the efficient disinfection and cleaning of floors, walls, furniture, etc.

Special characteristics:
• suitable for the use in the wipes dispensing system A°-Wipes and Kimtech* Wettask* DS (up to 28 d)
• very broad spectrum of efficacy
• highly efficient
• free of formaldehyde
• good cleaning performance

Spectrum of efficacy: • bactericidal • yeasticidal • tuberculocidal • virucidal • sporicidal

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Product category: Hand hygiene stations / supplies

Manorapid® r.f.u.

Keywords: hand disinfection, hand sanitizer
Manorapid® r.f.u. is a ready to use,  alcoholic hand rub for the hygienic and  surgical hand disinfection. The product  possesses a strong microbicidal efficacy, whereas the caring agent lanolin provides excellent skin compatibility , making the  product most suitable for frequent use.

Special characteristics:  • broad spectrum of efficacy • strong caring properties • suitable for sensitive skin • quickly drying • pleasant scent

Spectrum of efficacy:  • bactericidal • yeasticidal • tuberculocidal • limited virucidal • effective against Noro- and Rotavirus

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About us

Company details

For more than 40 years Antiseptica has been the partner for the supply of professional disinfectants as well as skin protection and skin care products. We offer hand disinfectants, surface disinfectants as well as instruments disinfectants. 

Decades of experience in the development, production and sale of proven quality products enable us to react quickly, reliably and flexibly to customer requirements. Besides our standard range, we develop (also in small quantities) tailor-made private label products and private labels that are oriented to the requirements of our customers and the market.

We offer quality with an awareness of sustainability
All our formulas are subject to extensive quality controls and are constantly developed further. This ensures that our products will continue to meet all legal requirements in the future, while always keeping an eye on the sustainability of our products. We see the responsible use of resources as a challenge that we face every day.

Flexible and service-oriented
Antiseptica sets great value upon short decision paths, flexibility and customer proximity. We have expressly geared our production and logistics to process customer orders quickly and reliably. Based on intelligent control and production processes, we can manufacture our products "on call". Our service is rounded off by our range of training courses and competent expert advice from our sales representatives.

We extensively cover the topics of "disinfection" and "infection control".  
Ask us for more information on:
- hand disinfectants / hand disinfection / hand sanitizer
- Surface disinfectant / surface disinfection
- instrument preparation
- manual or mechanical reprocessing of medical devices
- preparation of incubators, heat lamps, anaesthesia devices, respirators, endoscopes,
   patient beds etc.
- reprocessing of medical products
- skin protection / skin care
- disinfection wipes / flowpack / stand-up pouches / dispenser buckets
- products for cleaning and disinfection for cleanrooms
- products for high risk areas in hospitals
- final disinfection of patient rooms
- Cleaning and disinfection of operating theatres
- etc.

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