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  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.06  Other bandages, dressings and accessories

Other bandages, dressings and accessories

Our products

Product category: Other bandages, dressings and accessories

Bandages, Dressings and accessories


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About us

Company details

Adhe-Els Pharmaceutical Laboratories (abbreviation for Elastic Adhesive) designs, produces and sales medical devices that cover all the needs of the healthcare chain. We work just as well with hospitals, pharmacies and with authorized distributors.

Number 1 on the North African market and with its historical experience, our laboratory is one of the pioneers on the market for single-use medical devices.

Our founder and CEO, Mr. Béchir Gaaloul provides the company with his experience of more than forty years in the medical device environment.

He has developed a complete range of more than 2000 sterile (ISO 11135) or non-sterile references, intended for all users of health, hygiene and protection products in France and abroad.

All the claimed processes obey the following rules:

•      All the effective regulations 
•      European standards integrating the technical specificities of products (ISO 13485, ISO 9001)
•      Accordance with Directive 93/42 EEC on medical devices
•      Taking responsibility for the efficiency and proper use of our products.
•      Continuous improvement of health and safety conditions at work in our infrastructure and laboratories (OHSAS 18001)
•      Managing our impact on all environmental degrees (ISO 14001)

We have recently opened a French subsidiary, Adhe-els France, located in Villeurbanne in Lyon City to sale our products in France and more widely in Europe.

We strive to best meet your needs. The whole company is mobilized to produce efficient medical devices without defects. 

We are committed to satisfying 100% of our customers.

In order to ensure a reliable and best quality product, our quality management systems check all production steps with accordance to analysis results made by our internal laboratory.  Our certifications are a guarantee of our Competence to strive for excellence by managing our services and products.

Adhe-Els are constantly meetings with health professionals and adhere to scientific organizations. Our scientific demarche allows us to provide our partners with the effective solutions according to their demands and needs (training, products, etc.)

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