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Hand hygiene stations / supplies

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Product category: Hand hygiene stations / supplies

Hand Sanitizer

Thanks to its unique composition without alcohol, perfume, paraben and dermatologically tested, Dermaphex® is suitable for all types of skin even the most sensitive.

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Product category: Hand hygiene stations / supplies

Hand Sanitizer for Babys

Alcohol-free : no irritation or drying of the skin and usable by all skin even the most sensitive. Without perfume and paraben (avoids the risk of allergy ). Without Phenoxyethanol, Triclosan or any other product classified as an endocrine disruptor

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Hello and welcome to our site Aphex Bioclean,

French and independant subsidiary of the American laboratory Aphex Biocleanse Systems, which specializes in disinfection, we are in charge the distribution of the product Dermaphex® in Europe and across borders.

We launched this project due to a simple fact: the hydro-alcoholic solutions areomnipresent in our daily lives but they are not always the most appropriate or even dangerous.
After months of study and research, the results reinforced our determination to carry out this project. To give you a brief overview, here are some figures from the “retrospective study of cases of poisoning by hydro-alcoholic products (HAP) for cutaneous use” identified in CAPTV (Poison control and toxicovigilance Centers).
More than 1,000 cases of poisoning recorded only in CAPTV

70% of cases were accidents of everyday life70 
50% of cases involved children under 4 years50 
65% of cases were due to the ingestion of the product65 
Therefore, with these results and with the expertise of the laboratory Biocleanse Aphex Systems, we wanted to develop a formula combining efficiency, safety and comfort. Thus was born the unique composition of Dermaphex®.

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