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Product category: Training equipment


The Dynamic model features a detachable desk and is the perfect choice to be used in flexible office environments or creative think tanks.

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Creating Healthy Workspaces
We are all descendents of hunters and gatherers. Our bodies are perfectionized and designed to be in active motion, most of the day. Sitting in an office chair from 9 to 5 has never been part of our genomic plan and ruins our health. Movement is a basic human right and as a sheer necessity for mental performance and long term health. We make it happen.

A Real World Alternative to Sitting
We are developing active workplace concepts for modern health-conscious individuals and organizations. Not only to prevent the harmful effects of sitting, but also to humanize the office and make it a place in which people love to come every day.

Originating from our roots, we continue to engage in clinical and experimental research in order to prove the benefits of an active work environment for the prevention and therapy of chronic diseases and its positive effects on mood, performance and creativity.

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