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  • 03.01.01  Glucose testing

Our products

Product category: Glucose testing

Xpress Ultra ACR

Quick Measure of ACR (Albumin Creatinine Ratio) test now at an affordable rate

·         Measurement principle – Dual wavelength reflectance method

·         Measurement range – 4 LED wavelengths (470, 550, 620, 720 nm)

·         Sample parameters – Manual dipping

·         Reaction time - 60 seconds per test

·         Strips – Urit 10G/14G (pH, Nitrite, Specific Gravity, Blood, Glucose, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketone, Leucocyte, Protein, Ascorbic acid, Creatinine, Micro albumin, Calcium)

·         Wireless Bluetooth Printer

·         ACR And PCR ratio available in single Strip

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Product category: Glucose testing

AccuDx CQ Analyzer

Near Patient Critical Care Quantitative Analyzer-

Features -

- Instant Quantitative Analyzer for Cardiac Bio-marker & Sepsis.
- Test Parameters - Trop-I, Hs-Crp, D-dimer, PCT & NT-proBNP.
- Sample Type - W.B., Plasma, Serum & Urine.
- Touch Screen Interface.
- RFID Card Calibration.
- Real Time and Rapid Test.
- Works on the Immunofluroscence assay.
- Imp Features - Inside & Outside modes are available.

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Product category: Glucose testing

URIT 10 G Strips

Urine reagent strips provide tests for the semi-quantitative measurement of leukocytes, ketone, nitrite, urobilinogen, bilirubin, protein, glucose, specific gravity, blood, pH in urine.

·         Measurement of multiple urine constituents and use for everyday diagnosis and group examinations

·         Store at temperature between 2 – 30C avoiding humidity, direct sunlight or heat

·         Expiry: valid for 18 months, unused strips that remain in the original capped container are stable within 3 month

·         Pack Size : 100 strips per container

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About us

Company details

Established in 1984, Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top 3 manufacturers of quality Clinical Chemistry Reagents and Urinanalysis Test Strips with over 34 years of expertise in this area.

Our company name is composed of two words, ACCU and REX. 'ACCU' refers to the word 'accurate'. Its definition as described by Oxford dictionary portrays the essence of our existence. ‘REX’, a Latin word for ‘king’, speaks of our authoritative influence in the diagnostic industry.

Guided by clear vision and driven by innovation; Accurex has gained considerable expertise in manufacturing and marketing of In-vitro Diagnostic reagents. It has built a reputation of quality products, a strong financial base and dynamic marketing.

Our Headquarter and Marketing Office is located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.  

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