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787, Aza Nakaeshita, Shimomagari-dori, Minami-ku, 950-1301 Niigata City
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Yuki Oizumi

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  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.04  Metal machining processing
  • 01.04.03  Metal cutting, chip removal

Our products

Product category: Metal cutting, chip removal

Ultra fine stent(φ 1 mm or less)

Material : Nitinol, Cobalt chromium alloy, Stainless, etc...

Therapeutic field : Aorta, vein, etc...

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Product category: Metal cutting, chip removal

Ultra-precision machining!!

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Nov 1, 2019

New web page opened!!

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About us

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With over 130 machines, including the latest complex NC lathe, 5-axis control machining, wire cutting, electric discharge machine, various grinding machines, and specialized in precision machining for half a century, difficult machining projects and high precision There are abundant processing results of processing, special materials and difficult-to-cut materials.
Especially in the medical field, we have abundant processing experience in high-precision processing related to ophthalmology treatment, blood vessel treatment, dental treatment, orthopedic surgery, and endoscope.
World-class high-precision three-dimensional measuring machine (Carl Zeiss PRISMO ultra) in quality control, non-contact three-dimensional measuring machine, roundness, cylindrical shape measuring machine, surface roughness, contour shape integrated measuring machine, etc. We also have equipment, and guarantee absolute quality by quality control in a precise temperature-controlled room at room temperature 20 ± 0.5 ° C and humidity 50 ± 5%.
In terms of delivery time, we will respond to short delivery times with a production capacity of more than 130 processing equipment groups, and contribute to speeding up your development.

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  • Catheters
  • Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
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