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All Flex, with all its facilities qualified under EN IS0 9001:2015 and each product manufactured with strict adherence to G.M.P procedures, the expertise of All Flex lies in its ability to combine various plastic polymers, foils, sealant layers and solventless adhesives to create technically proficient barrier packaging solutions.
Multi-layer, sterilisable films for medical device and selected pharmaceutical packaging applications inclusive of thermo-formable, pouching, lidding, flo-wrap and four-side-seal packaging machinery.
Our product range comes in a range of thicknesses for all major sterilisation techniques. We have systems for weld and peelable packages, including clean, fibre free, seals to uncoated medical paper and uncoated TYVEK®. We can also incorporate additional light, oxygen and gas barriers using foils and evoh if required. Our customised manufacturing approach includes tinted films, six colour printing and slit widths to suit all machine types.

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