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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

Digital Chest X-ray Machine

Operating principle: To register the X-ray radiation, which passed through the chest, X-ray machine ProScan uses a silicon linear detector. To make a fluorography, the detector is being moved along the chest horizontally together with a sector-shaped X-ray formed by the slit diaphragm. High quality images, lowest dose of investigation, convinient conditions for personal, easy requirements to X-ray room make this CXR (chest X-ray) machine better solution for mass screening compare to bucky based solutions. 

Specific features of fluorogrphy units ProScan®-2000 and ProScan®-7000

The silic linear detector does not need periodic maintenance. It provides spatial resolution in the patient’s plane of 2.2 Lp/mm for ProScan-2000 (3.2 Lp/mm for ProScan-7000). High efficiency of registration permits obtaining a direct short with 1% contrast resolution at only 100 mR in the patient’s plane for ProScan-2000 and at 250 mR for ProScan-7000.
Chest X-ray machine protective cabin made of modern composite materials lowers personnel radiation exposure practically to the natural level.
High frequency generator is connected to a 220 V ± 10% single-phase network with resistance up to 3 Ohm. To ensure proper operation, the majority of similar units need a 380 V ± 10% three-phase electric system with maximum resistance of 0.3 Ohm.
Radiologist and assistant workstations. Both stations are equipped with the latest models of computers. Assistant workstation is equipped with a professional graphic monitor 20 inches, and that of the radiologist with the following monitors: ProScan-7000: professional medical monochrome monitor 20 inches WIDE IF 2002M* and a professional graphic 17 inches, ProScan-2000: professional medical monochrome monitor 24 inches.

The ProScan software enables the doctor to examine the images after fluorography on the big monitor, at the same time using the second one for work with the database. A professional graphical printer gives 256 gray shades and high spatial resolution on thermal paper. Herewith the image is equally informative on the monitor as well as on a hard copy. To print out periodical reports, the device is equipped with a laser office printer. DVD-RAM cartridges are used for archiving of the database and images. The competitive advantage of these media in comparison with usual DVD consists in a special box to provide protection to the disk surface from damages; besides, the disk can contain twice as much information. Thus, the holding capacity of such disk is 9.4 Gb (about 3000 images for ProScan-2000 or 1500 images for ProScan-7000). Today, it is one of the safest ways of information keeping, which is specially certified for storage of medical diagnostic images.

ProScan® Software meets the requirements of the DICOM 3.0. The program is being developed in close cooperation with radiologists that is why it contains not only generally accepted formalized protocols, but also the necessary forms of periodical reports. The program offers wide opportunities for processing obtained images through special filters to detect tuberculosis.


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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

Digital Radiography Unit of ProGraph series

Digital Radiography Unit of ProGraph series was developed for radiographic and diagnostic investigations in patient's standing, sitting. Units of the series also have radio-lucent tables for execution of different kinds of investigation as well as for surgical procedures in lying position. They have cross-arm rotating round the axis that locates on the column of cross-arm vertical transference. The function of automatics for organs helps the doctor choose required characteristics of survey.

Device support is provided with cross-arms which cameras with CCD-matrix, X-ray tube and diaphragms with light localizer are fixed on. In all units the cross-arm can move in vertical direction to 1100 mm.

Spatial resolution of ProGraph-5000 is 3,5 Lp/mm.

In ProGraph-5000 units the cross-arm have fixed focal distance  1000 mm  and may rotate from -90° to +90°.

Unit supplied with Radio-lucent table from fine-dispersed MDF with carbon-fiber deck.

Radiologist and assistant workbenches has special external storage element on hard disks for supplying of long-term storage of images. Capacity of storage allows place on hard disks image archives accumulated within 10 years of unit operation. Built inside storage software provides particular reliability of saved information and absolute archives reliability in case of one of hard disk death.

Radiologist workbench unit is equipped with one or two medical monitors. Assistant workbench in all units is equipped with graphic monitor to fill in the database, operate X-ray unit and control image quality. The unit is equipped with laser office printer for periodical report printing.

ProGraph software meets the requirements of the DICOM 3.0 international protocol. The program is being developed in close cooperation with radiologists, so it contains not only generally accepted formalized protocols, but also the necessary forms of periodical reports. The program possesses wide opportunities of processing the received images through special filters.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

Digital Radiography Unit of Graphix series

Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D are designed to make all types of X-ray examination applicable in general diagnostic and traumatology in conditions of the stationary X-ray room of a health care facilities. Examination is executed in a standing, sitting down or laying position of a patient. X-ray tube and image detector easy motion facilitates examination at any angle to the patient body.

An alternative to the X-ray systems
GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D systems substitute X-ray table and wall Bucky stand. This unit is an alternative to the X-ray diagnostic system for two workplaces.

Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D are the X-ray stands consisting of the vertical column with the vertically sliding rotating arm with variable focus distance. Horizontal arm rotating is performed in a wide range. Rotating arm is the counterbalanced console with the tilting X-ray tube and collimator in one end and tilting image detector in the other one. Motorized vertical arm motion, focus distance variation, arm rotating and image sensor tilting are controlled with console located on the X-ray tube housing. Rotating arm motion and collimator control can also be performed by remote control and control panel located on the image detector housing.

Fixed X-ray diagnostic R-system GRAPHIX is a traditional film unit. The image receiver is the Bucky, with the cassette-holder. It allows using cassettes of all common formats from 13 × 18 to 35 × 43 cm.

The system is equipped with the HF generator with the power 50 kW, X-ray tube, mobile table, the set set cassettes, X-ray protective kit and dosimeter.

OPTIMAX-Amico, automatic film processor for cut X-ray films, can be supplied as an option OPTISCAN-AMICO. To obtain the digital images the unit can be completed with the the CR-system OPTISCAN-AMICO based on imaging plates.

Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX-D is the unit allowing performing all types of X-ray examination in a digital format. Image detector is the stationary X-ray image intensifying unit based on FPD (Digital Flat panel detector) 43 × 43 cm format. X-ray image visualising, its mathematical processing, saving and hardcopy printing via appropriate printing device is provided by hardware-software solution consisting of computer workstation (ARM) for laboratory assistant and radiologist computer workstation (ARM) with digital medical X-ray image printer. The system is equipped with the HF generator with the power 65 kW, X-ray tube, mobile table, X-ray protective kit and dosimeter.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

Remote Control X-ray Fluoroscopy Radiography Machine

MRX is a remote control X-ray diagnostic system with wide application range. It provides radiography, fluoroscopy and tomography with easy patient transfer. Due to settings based on size of a patient and pulse modes system offers high image quality maintaining low dose. Dose control and measurement tool allow customizing exposure properties for optimization.  It  has a side-suspended design and wide range of motorized movements delivers more accessibility for easy workflow. SID can be changed from 105 to 150 cm to take the images with minimum geometric distortion. System is equipped with X-ray transparent compression cone. Thus, the physician has no need to leave the control room as the table can be operated remotely. The low table height above the floor level and the additional fixation accessories provide the comfortable examination process for a patient.

MRX system is performed on the remote control x-ray table basis. This fluoroscopy / radiography mashine is a perfect union of high level security for patient and physician with up-to-date design and high technologies.

Fluoroscopy Table:  MRX system combine functions of tilting table, radiography fluoroscopy  table and bucky stand. All the examinations which are common in general radiology practice can be done: Fluoroscopy, Radiography or Linear tomography.  

X-ray tube positioned above the x-ray table allows SID to be changed from 105 to 150 cm and take the images with minimum geometric distortion. Image Intensifier Unit and Spot Film Device have undertable position. The fluoroscopy machine is equipped with X-ray transparent compression cone. Thus the physician has no need to leave the control room as the table can be operated remotely.

The table height above the floor level and the additional fixation accessories (shoulder support, footstep and compression band) provide the comfortable examination process for a patient. MRX system is equipped with the high frequency generator, high-speed tube with 0.6 and 1.2 focal spot, Image Intensifier, due to which the high quality images at any examination type can be obtained.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

Mobile Chest X-ray Screening Truck

Our mobile X-ray rooms were designed for mass chest X-ray examinations of rural population and for people in refugee or military camps, for children at schools, etc. You can choose between several variants of the vehcles:

  • KAMAZ-43114 and KAMAZ-4326 off road trucks;
  • HYUNDAI HD78 and KAMAZ-4308 city road truck.
Different characteristics of chassis allow to choose a model which combine with local conditions.

The X-ray rooms body has been made of plastic, enforced by metal construction elements, it has good thermostatic data. The climate control system adjusts the inside temperature to normal conditions in 15 min.

This mobile room equipment may include autonomous electric power supply system, water supply, electric climate control system and hot-water heating. These resources allow to investigate the population far away from settlements during for several days.

The van is divided into two rooms by a transparent polycarbonate parting-wall. In the front part of the van – the room for medical procedures – a digital unit ProScan is installed. Patients enter the room through one door and leave it through another one, which makes it possible to increase radically the mobile room's capacity. Three people may be in the room for medical procedures simultaneously. At the reception time a bactericidal irradiator works.

The second room is a cabinet for medical staff. It contains an assistant workbench and the necessary set of furniture (a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a small table, a sofa and a mini-refrigerator.

The mobile room is equipped with an energy storage battery to maintain steady voltage for the device, when it runs on unstable power supply units. At the customer's request, the mobile room can be equipped with a mini-power station to enable patient examination far away from power lines.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

Mobile Radiography Truck

This modern mobile X-ray van possesses reliable properties. The independent system of work allows to reach a great opportunities in reaching the far distance areas.

Entering through the entrance door patient get into the registry with assistant work place, computer and conditioner. The registry is separated from exam room by X-ray protective partition with glass and movable door.

Digital Radiographic Unit ProGraph, as well as a couch, is placed in the exam room. For bed-patients examination special radio-lucent table is available. Additional improvements, such as lift and door on trolleys are made to assist special patients in getting inside the mobile X-ray van.

The household room and the WC adjoin to the exam room. Wardrobe, refrigerator and a table are also located there. All rooms are protected from the X-ray beams. In a separate compartment under the van a diesel mini-station is placed, which allows examining patients on a log distance from the electric mains.

Independent water supply system with volume 100 lt.- tank, provides its working capacity within several days. Using pomp it is possible to make water set from a well depth up to 6 meters. Owing the clearing filter it is possible to use technical purpose water for filling a tank.

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NP JSC Amico  is well known as Russian largest manufacturer and distributor of medical imaging systems. Founded in 1994, with a well-earned reputation for excellence, innovation and quality, the company has consistently achieved rapid growth and currently stands as one of the fastest growing companies in Russia with a crew of experts working to help our customers be successful.

We have served thousands of satisfied customers: business units, hospitals and physicians. Exceeding their expectations is our highest priority. Our ability to adapt and partner with customers makes it easy to do business with us. In wide range of products Amico has unique medical imaging solutions developed to meet certain requirements.

Today, We are continuing to make improvements in image quality, work-flow productivity and customer value to remain a trusted partner.

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