A UNO TEC S.r.l.

Via Alberto Montorsi, 45, 41037 Mirandola
Telephone +39 0535 24218
Fax +39 0535 20805

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Manufacturing equipment
  • 04.06  Automation, robotics
  • 04  Manufacturing equipment
  • 04.07  Assembly systems
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.12  Tubings and tubing equipment

Our products

Product category: Automation, robotics, Assembly systems


A UNO TEC designs and realizes customized automatic solutions for the assembly of medical disposables, focusing on Dialysis and Infusion Therapy. From first assessments to training and after-sales support, we care about each step to provide a turnkey service worldwide.

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Product category: Tubings and tubing equipment


This smart and flexible modular solution is created to cut tubing from reels to specific length, print it with ink-jet technology, coil and band with cohesive tape.
BANDY CUT is the core of the system and it is possible to add additional modules whenever is required.
In the basic configuration BANDY CCB MINI can process tubing of different elastomers with external diameter up to 4.1 mm. Working range can be extended up to 10 mm tubing OD thanks to BANDY CCB MAXI and or specific customizations.

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About us

Company details

A UNO TEC started back in the 80's as designer and provider of solutions for indutrial sectors such as Medical and Pharmaceutical.
In 2005 the company joined DI QUATTRO Group, today HDQ SPA, with over 150 employees and 3 productive plants in Mirandola (one of the most important medical district worldwide).
The acquisition boosted the business, allowing A1 to start focusing on the Medical field thanks to the specific 20-year experience of designers and technicians. 

We are proud to provide smart machines for the assembly of tubing sets and components.
We are grateful to the world's leading medical companies which prove our growing success.

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