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Our range of products

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  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.05  Other equipment for clinical chemistry

Our products

Product category: Other equipment for clinical chemistry


Molecular diagnostic panels and reagent kits for nucleic acid extraction and RT-PCR of infectious diseases and genomics.

Standardised and easy approach to PCR Diagnostics

The Diagnostic Assay kits of EXTRAlab series were developed for detection of infection agents by real time PCR.

The proprietary development allows us to turn the procedure of real time PCR analysis from a complicated process, requiring
extensive specialized knowledge and practical experience, into a standardized, simple and readily reproducible procedure.

We provide convenient solutions in reagent configuration such as lyophilized, ready-to-use mixtures with a long shelf-life and the possibility to ship the kits at room temperature. All reagent kits can be used basically with all current real time PCR detection systems. The MOLgen line kits are CE marked.

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Product category: Other equipment for clinical chemistry

Personal LAB / Fully Automated 2 Microplate Analyser

The new Personal LAB is the answer for laboratories who demand an organised and flexible solution in total automation of microELISA assays.

The new Personal LAB provides you a daily high performance in constant speed and will play a central role in making your working routine increasingly efficient.

The new Personal LAB is the fully automated 2-plate microELISA processor, which embraced state of the art technology, high-level specifications and durable performance on a compact footprint in a beautiful new Italian design. Innovative applications with both hard- and software modules, give you the unique advantage of processing quickly, reliable and noiseless, 2-microplates independent in a flexible assay environment with user-friendly interface.

Multi-assay processing is ideal for Personal LAB in addition to small-to mid-sized sample testing. With Adaltis’ 35-years manufacturing experience and our unique expertise, we created a new Personal LAB with superior flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Its versatility combines the perfect instrument for the most demanding laboratory, next to laboratories that make first steps into automation ofmicroELISA routine.

Features & Benefits
  • Breaking feature is the direct loading ‘kit-to instrument’ from the assay kit reagent bottles / control vials, onto working platform of the instrument – no reagents or control consumables are required anymore.
  • The new, easy to use interface enables you to program almost all the protocols of microELISA assays currently available on the market.
  • PSID – true Positive Sample Identification.
  • Accommodating fully barcoded reagents inventory.
  • Flexible loading dock for accommodating:
  • - Different slides for loading different vials/bottles 
  •   of controls/standard/reagents.
  • - Different slides for loading different formats of sample tubes.
  • - ‘Genuine open system’.
  • Maximised precision and efficient pipetting by using 200 uL tips and 1000 uL tips.
  • Zero carry-over by using disposable tips for sample pipetting.
  • Detection for clotting, bubbles and insufficient volume during pipetting.
  • Level sensing on all instrument liquids and –buffers loaded on the instrument.
  • 2-independent pipetting systems ensure maximum efficiency in pipetting speed and distribution of the liquids/samples: a fast pipetting maintaining accuracy and efficiency.
  • Each of the two microplates is fully independent programmable for pipetting, temperature, incubation, washing and reading.
  • MicroELISA and IFA technology combined in one instrument platform.
  • Open system for accommodating maximum flexibility for varying testing needs.
  • Latest hardware technology provides reduced maintenance, increased precision and reliability.
  • Modern software applications enable remote support and diagnostics.

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Product category: Other equipment for clinical chemistry

OptiDet / Automated Microorganism Identification Device


  • Reliable results - The device classifies correctly the microorganisms with over 90% specificity and sensitivity compared  to culture. 
  • The device will be able to identify all bacteria and yeasts in the clinical laboratory. OptiDet is intended for use in clinical laboratories under standard temperature and pressure (STP) conditions.
  • Reduced culture preparation time ‐ saves up to 48 hours of additional bacteria growth on isolation plates
  • No need for gram stains, no need for specific culturing
  • No reagents are needed
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to maintain
  •  OptiDet Presentation
  • Acinetobacter Baumannii
  • Enterobacter Aerogenes
  • Enterococcus Faecalis
  • Enterococcus Faecium
  • Enterococcus Cloacae
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Klebsiella Pneumoniae
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Proteus Mirabilis
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Staphyloccocus Epidermidis
  • Streptococcus Pyogenes
  •                              ... more to come

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About us

Company details

Adaltis S.r.l. is an international IVD company headquartered in Rome, Italy.

Adaltis develops, manufactures and markets in-vitro diagnostic systems and reagents to detect viral infections, diagnose immune system diseases and measure human hormone responses.

Recently Adaltis developed systems and reagents for the Molecular Diagnostic/PCR testing (extraction and purification platform).

Our Systems
Personal LAB - Fully automated 2 plate microELISA analyser,
                          including IFA preparation features.

NEXgen - Fully automated 7 plate microELISA analyser,
                 including IFA preparation features.

EXTRAlab - Fully-automated Molecular Diagnostics instrument for clinical diagnostics, a workstation for Nucleic Acid extraction and PCR set-up.

AMPLIlab - Fully automated Molecular Diagnostics Instrument for Clinical Diagnostics, a Real-time PCR System for Molecular Biology Analysis.

Our Reagents
Adaltis’ development and production of reagents includes a wide ranges of assay for diagnosis of general infectious diseases, hepatitis, HIV, HTLV, serology, ToRCH, tumour markers, hormones, autoimmunity and thyroids. As well for Vitamin D/-B12/-B9, bone metabolism, anemia, fertility/pregnancy and HbA1c. In addition to a complete clinical chemistry and latex based range set of parameters for routine biochemistry screening and plasma proteins.

MDx kits and reagents for DNA/RNA complete extraction kits providing a wide range of clinical specimens (liquids, tissue, cells etc.), compatible with most DNA extraction kits on market. 

Next to kits for RT-PCR diagnostics for HIV, Hepatitis A-B-C-D-G, ToRCH, HHV, HPV, TB, more… in addition to Genetics /SNP detection assays. 

The assays are available on different testing platforms 
for your maximum flexibility:

Photometric microELISA kits (EIAgen)
Immunoassay - clinical chemistry (CHEMgen)
Turbidity/latex (CHEMgen)
Diagnostic kits for detection of infection agents by real-time PCR(MOLgen Line)
Completed with a range of dedicated controls and calibrators. 

All our assays are fully validated and are as ready-to-start applications available and standard operational on our instruments.

Our Services
Adaltis provides Dedicated Customised Services and Antibody Production.

Adaltis has a strong record in OEM / ODM development and production of systems and kits. Well known partners have experienced and enjoy the expertise and quality products of Adaltis. 

With more than 10 thousands of instruments installed world-wide, Adaltis is known for excellence in performance and innovation. 

All of our products are backed by dedicated application support and technical service.

Adaltis is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
Our products are IVD-CE marked.

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