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  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.03  Emergency cardiac therapy equipment
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  • 01.05  Implants and protheses
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Other implants and protheses

Our products

Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment


Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System
Double-Protection Technology For Outstanding Results
This is how the Accura Decent S achieves outstanding results:

  • Carbon-Ion surface treatment technique results in extraordinary stent surface and avoids leakage of metal ions
  • Complete bioabsorbable polymer coating
  • Controlled and full degradation of the PLGA polymer during three months
  • Excellent safety and efficiency profile
  • The Double-Protection Technology achieves best results
  • 0.0 % thrombosis rate after 24 months

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment


Accessories for Angioplasty
What are the best balloons and stents without them?

Inflation Device with Pressure Meter
The ergonomic design with angled scale and a big handle ensures efficient usage. The 20 cc syringe lever provides precise inflation as well as rapid and easy deflation. An accurate 30 bar gauge fits all common high pressure applications.

High Pressure Manifolds and Stopcocks
Manifolds are available with two or three ports in “ON” and “OFF” versions with 500 PSI pressure and rotating Luer Lock.

The Y-Connectors are equipped with haemostatic valves and rotating Luer Lock connectors. Hemostasis Valve Sets with Torquer and Introducer Needle are available as well.

Our Torquers provide a safe grip for guidewires. The handle is easy to use and transfers the proper feeling a doctor needs to use a guidewire successfully.

Control Syringe
ACCURA provides Control syringes with three finger-rings for easy and safe handling, rotating Luer Lock in a 12ml standard size.

We offer a wide range of different sizes, with different materials and for different applications including PTCA guidewires.

Our standard size 60 x 120 cm fits most applications like protecting X-ray heads, X-ray shields, keybords etc. They are made of HDPE with elastic band.

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment


The Accura Introducer Set

  • Dilator - 19 mm HDPE Dilator with special shaped and tapered tip
  • Sheath - 11 cm / 23 cm length, smoothly adapted to the Dilator and made of FEP
  • Haemostatic Valve - Haemostatic Valve with side-link, automatic sealing (no screwing needed to fix the catheter)
  • J-Tip Guidewire - adapted to the Dilator with straightener
  • Needle - Seldinger Needle 18G, 8 cm length
  • Scalpel
All sets are sterile packed in a transparent tray and are designed for single use.

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment


Accura PTCA Guidewires


  •   PTFE coated, optional hydrophilic coated
  •   190cm standard length
  •   Diameter 0.014”
  •   Unitary core construction
  •   Straight tip
  •   Other lengths and diameters available on request

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment


The Accura Embolectomy Catheter

We are proud to offer a wide selection of Balloon Catheters designed to suit the vast range of vascular operations.

The Embolectomy Catheter is equipped with a short distal tip to allow arterial insertion, reducing plaque dissection. The balloon inflates to a cylindrical shape.
Single Lumen Catheters
  • Special compound of polyamide and polyurethane gives catheter superior strength and resistance to kinking
  • Markings on catheter at every 10 cm to assist in positioning
  • Radiopaque shaft
Double Lumen Catheters
  • Clots freed by irrigation
  • Dye-enhancement for fluoroscopy control
  • Goldinger Technique introduction

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About us

Company details

30 Years of Excellence in Medical Devices

Accura Medizintechnik GmbH supplies high quality medical products on a global level. Our core products are stents (balloon-expandable and self-expandable), balloons for coronary and peripheral application, catheters and a broad range of accessories for interventional Cardiology and Radiology. Additionally, we supply components for the medical industry, e.g. special tubes and adhesive tapes. Moreover, Accura offers a product search service which includes the sourcing of niche products.

As a medium sized company, Accura develops customer value from its lean organizational structure. This results in quick response time, satisfaction of individual customer needs and less cost efforts. Consequently, Accura supplies German quality products for highly competitive prices.

Our aim is to further extend long lasting relationships with our key customers and to increase sustainable partnerships.

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