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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.08  Operating technology and operating equipment
  • 01.08.01  Surgery room equipment
  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.08  Operating technology and operating equipment
  • 01.08.03  Operating tables and surgery tables

Operating tables and surgery tables

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital equipment, care equipment
  • 01.09.12  Modular systems
  • 06  Information and Communication Technology
  • 06.06  Medical information systems / software
  • 06.06.05  Image processing and archiving, imaging, OCR, DTP, RIS, PACS

Image processing and archiving, imaging, OCR, DTP, RIS, PACS

Our products

Product category: Surgery room equipment


ALVO surgical and examination lights use LED diodes as light source. The high clinical value of the product has been achieved by reasonable technical parameters, low radiation temperature and long working time. The LED technology is an environment-friendly, future-proof solution. One of its main advantages is low energy consumption, which is a measurable economic benefit.

The surgical light ALVO Vela 6-01 ensures consistent light distribution and its high intensity. The suspension and little weight of the light's head as well as comfortable handles enable easy set up and positioning of the surgical light.

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Product category: Operating tables and surgery tables


The specialized operating table ALVO Serenada-C perfectly meets requirements needed for x-ray involved procedures. The floating table top performs smooth, fluent x-y movements to provide precise and safe patient positioning. The carbon fiber table top with 360° radiotranslucency ensures optimal imaging outcomes.

ALVO Serenada-C can be controlled via ALVO Integra system build in the wall e.g. behind glass panels or hung on a ceiling pendant near the operating field. ALVO Integra provides variety of management options for the OR, integrating vendor independent technologies in one system. your cathlab operating table AlVO Serenada-C and your imaging source can now be managed from one spot!

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Product category: Operating tables and surgery tables


Operating table system ALVO Sonata 4-03 has been designed to support the patient during all surgical procedures and operations: general surgeries, vascular surgeries, endoscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology and orthopedic procedures. Functional movements of the table column are provided by reliable electro-hydraulic system. Functional movements of the tabletop and longitudinal shift are supported by gas springs or mechanically. The electro-hydraulic operating table is made of stainless, acid proof steel.

ALVO Sonata 4-03 is working in exchangeable table top system - it is designed for exchanging the table tops with use of specialized trolley for transportation. Wide range of available trolleys helps to ensure comfortable work with the system.

ALVO Sonata 4-03 table system thanks to well-balanced combination between electronic systems and hydraulic and mechanical movements guarantees safety operation and increase the flexibility of the OR. Wherever reliable and uncomplicated table system is needed, ALVO Sonata 4-03 system is an answer.

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Product category: Image processing and archiving, imaging, OCR, DTP, RIS, PACS


ALVO Integra is a digital, future-proof operating room system built on the IP network to boost operational efficiency, increase patient safety and generate more hospital revenue. Intuitive, user friendly software on an easy to navigate touch screen can be integrated within the ALVO wall panel system, installed behind the glass panels or suspended on a surgical arm. In addition, ALVO Integra can be expanded according to individual customer requirements.

Benefits ALVO Integra offers:
- Centralized control and increased collaboration in the OR enhances workflow efficiency and improves patient care.
- Precise, artifact-free data and images with no compression and near zero latency.
- One universal fiber optic cable is all you need to distribute audio, video images and patient data over the IP network, reduces the amount of training, cables, devices and set-up times.

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Product category: Modular systems


In modern operating rooms innovative surgical procedures are being performed. Hospitals are often facing cost and design challenges and daunting technology choices. After a hospital determines which technology and approach will be adopted, an extensive planning process follows. Healthcare planners interview all parties involved to find out how big the OR needs to be, where it should be located, which specialties will use it, what kind of procedures will be performed and how many: what equipment will be needed and where to put it.

Ideally, planners should get input not only from the physicians who will perform surgery, but also consider possible future scenarios in case other specialties might need to use it as well. Note: It’s important to involve biomedical engineering (management and maintenance), IT (connection to hospital IT) and the OR manager (OR set-up).

The operating room (OR) is a dynamic work environment in which effective team collaboration is critical to surgical outcomes. In this high-risk performance stage, lapses in teamwork can potentially lead to medical incidents.

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Product category: Surgery room equipment


ALVO equipment for operating rooms is made of the highest quality materials. This group includes buckets, bowl holders, medical stools, medical steps and drip bottle holders. The equipment is designed to support the medical staff in the OR and are designed to complement all products from the ALVO catalogue.


The products of this group are made of high quality stainless steel. The products are equipped with high quality castors with non-smudging wheels. All upholstery is made of high quality materials, which are resistant to disinfectants used in the OR.

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Product category: Surgery room equipment


ALVO trolleys for medical devices are made of the highest quality stainless steel. During the design process, the trolleys with fixed shelves can be adapted to the customers’ devices. Some of the trolleys have adaptable shelves as a standardized feature.


Drawers are installed on ball bearing rails, which enable them to slide to 80% of their length, with a safety retaining system. The trolleys are equipped with high quality castors with non-smudging wheels.

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Product category: Surgery room equipment


ALVO working tables are made of the highest quality stainless steel and designed specifically for preparation rooms and other facilities where a lot of work space is needed. The tables can be tailor-made and can include bays, cabinets, drawers and other accessories.


As standard products we offer different configurations of tables with plain table tops, table tops with bays, cabinets and drawers. The tables have small plastic legs with level adjustment. There are additional accessories, such as: trap with filters for gypsum, lighted table top, water tap, shower tap, soap and disinfectant dispensers.

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About us

Company details

ALVO MEDICAL provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres, hybrid operating rooms, ICU/NICU units, surgical preparation rooms and other hospital areas. We install ORs and manufacture medical equipment for hospitals all over the world since almost 25 years: modular walls and ceilings, operating tables, surgical scrub sinks, OR doors, medical trolleys, patient transfer systems and furniture. The ALVO Integra solution for complete integration of devices and medical image management enhances workflow efficiency and improves patient care in the OR.

We exist to provide better healing conditions.
For everybody. Everywhere in the world.

Our values concentrate on human life.

Each and every product manufactured by ALVO reflects the focus on reaching better clinical outcomes.
ALVO modular, hygienic and integrated operating rooms are safe and friendly to their users, patients and natural environment. 

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