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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests


The HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer version adds the ability to quickly, securely, and automatically manage, access and even analyze your hemoglobin test results.

The DMS software allows you to link seamlessly to a nearby computer. Data can then be sent to your Information Management System (IMS).

Such instant connectivity aids in the accuracy of patient records, future billing, and potential statistical analysis. With features like this and many others, the HemoPoint® H2 DMS Hemoglobin Analyzer points the way to care that is better and more cost effective.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

EasyOne Frontline Spirometer

EasyOne Frontline Spirometer

EasyOne earned its name "worldspirometer" through its acclaimed reputation in all corners of the world recommended by opinion leaders in all continents. Evolved from the original EasyOne diagnostics; with state of the art software and even larger memory, 8 test storage and many more new features.

for Office spirometry
standalone instrument
direct print capability
no maintenance
long term stability w/o calibration
spirette is the new hygienic consumable for economic, safe and secure procedures with lab precision
for Studies
no need for computers (but may be linked easily)
no calibration required for long term stability
no site to site differences due to operator manipulations
as used by Platino and BOLD the mother of all COPD studies
Point of care testing and bed side monitoring
carry your “lab” to the patients without compromising accuracy
maintenance free
no warm up time, no pre testing preparation
Specifications & Technical Data:

Dimension: 3.3 x 6.2 x 1.7 inches
Measuring Accuracy: Volume: +/-2% or 0.0501; Flow:+/-2% or 0.020 l/s; PEF:+/-5% or 0.200 l/s; MVV: +/-5% or 5 l/min
Resolution: Volume: > 1 ml Flow: 4 ml/s
Measuring range: Volume: +/- 12 l Flow: +/- 16 l/s
Resistance: approx. 0.3 cm H2O/l/s
Display: 64 x 160 pixel graphic display
Data Entry: 14-key keyboard
Power Supply: (2) AA Batteries
Battery Service Life: 400 tests approx.
Data Memory: 700 tests approx.
Print Out: Direct to printer or via PC, plain paper

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

CLINITEK Status Connect Analyzer

CLINITEK Status® Connect System - Features & Benefits
Centralize control over your point-of-care urinalysis testing program with the CLINITEK Status® Connect System.

Works with only the Multistix Pro LS, Multistix 8 SG, Multistix 10 SG and Microalbumin Strips.

Supports Flexible & Efficient Connectivity
Connect to your hospital’s LIS/HIS, EMR or point-of-care middleware solution
Connects by wireless, Ethernet or serial transmission
Supports HL7 and POCT1-A2 protocols
Interfaces with leading point-of-care data management solutions* for centralized control and testing oversight - including Siemens’ RAPIDComm® Data Management and Connectivity Solution**; Conworx Technology POCceleratorTM; MAS RALS®-Plus; TELCOR Quick-Linc®
Advanced Operational Control and Management
Provides customized operator access level
Supports operator ID entry and lockout
Prevents unauthorized use, based on customizable settings
Enhanced Quality Control
Maintain up-to-date operator certification records and restrict operator access as needed
Define specific QC protocols for operators across multiple sites
QC lockout if protocol is not followed or QC test fails
QC documentation and report downloads are available on demand
Store up to 200 QC test records
Improved Data Integrity
Auto-Checks:Checks each strip for humidity to prevent reporting of falsely elevated results
Detects interferences in test samples and provides printed notation for improved results interpretation***
Identifies Siemens strip type to save time
Optional barcode reader eliminates manual steps and reduces transcription errors

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About us

Company details

 “We are quality in all we are and all that we do!”

American Screening, LLC was founded January 7, 2004 in my parent’s 150 square foot sunroom.

It began with the idea to provide quality drug and alcohol testing products to the world and not just the city where I lived. Inventory was piled up in the kitchen, documents were stacked on the floor, one computer and one person with a vision and the determination to show up and to never quit until the dream and vision became the reality.

Fast forward 15 years in business, ASC is now a premier ISO 13485 Certified manufacturer/distributor of rapid drug and alcohol tests, infectious disease tests, cardiac tests and medical supplies to the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. We specialize in providing CLIA Waived, FDA 510K Cleared, CE Marked, and Health Canada approved products in order to meet the regulatory requirements of these countries. We own our own product design, tech file, labeling file, risk management and process FEMA.

Our corporate office is located at 9742 St. Vincent Ave, Ste 100, Shreveport, LA 71106. We have 12,000 square feet of building space and 5 acres. Our warehouse is centrally located in St. Louis, MO, is temperature/humidity controlled and occupies 30,000 square feet. We have over 3 million dollars in inventory and are able to warehouse and scale with your ordering needs.

We are the leader in distributing rapid drug and point of care tests with over 250 million strips sold annually. Many companies try to replicate our business, even our name. We are the official American Screening Corporation (ASC). We stand apart and ahead of our competitors with high quality products and high end personal customer service. We serve and advise our customers, customers always come first.

We truly care for our customers and are customer focused by providing a quality product at a great price, with a quick and reliable delivery. Our premium quality drug testing, alcohol testing, pregnancy testing, and infectious disease testing have the necessary licenses to sell to all markets. We offer over 45 different drugs to test with all formats and designs including cups, round, flat, key, mini, dip strips, anti-flood dip cards, saliva tube drug test, box style saliva drug test, saliva alcohol strips, specimen cups, specimen bags, gloves and medical supplies.

We, our sales team, customer service and accounting department are here to serve you. We don’t just sell you, but evaluate your needs and provide specific testing that meets your customer requirements. We are your partner and adviser.

We are highly decorated with the premier ISO 13485: 2016 Certification, Health Canada License, FDA 510K Clearance, CLIA Waived, OTC, CE Marked, Australian Standard (AU/NZS 4308:2008), and a GSA License to sell to the U.S. government that mandates USA Made products only.

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