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About us

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Ark-Plas is a manufacturer of injection molded and extruded plastic components. Our products include luers, barbed connectors, stopcocks, valves, tubing and more. For over thirty-five years Ark-Plas has served a wide range of markets from the life sciences to industrial. This extensive experience allows our knowledgeable sales staff to solve each customer’s unique problems. Our number one priority is providing value to each customer.

All our products are manufactured and inventoried in our single Arkansas based location. This means our customers can choose from over 4000 off the shelf components without the added costs associated with engineering and tool design. Coupled with our variety of service options, our expansive selection allows you to find the perfect balance of price, performance, and convenience.

Each customer’s needs are different. This is why Ark-Plas designs, engineers and manufactures all tooling in house. This flexibility allows us to modify an existing part at minimal cost, or start from scratch to create something entirely unique. With no upfront tool making fees, Ark-Plas makes custom easy.

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