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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

The Astell 120 - 153 Litre 'Duaclave' Autoclave Range

The 120 - 153 litre ‘Duaclave’ is the ideal autoclave range where laboratory floor space is at a premium. The Duaclave features dual chambers, one directly above the other ranging in sets of 120ltr or 153ltr capacities. Combining two units stacked within one frame, the two chambers operate completely independently.

The space-efficient Duaclave design is available in two chamber sizes, with each of the chambers capable of being operated independently.

Dual chamber autoclaves are manufactured with heaters in the base of the chamber
Two independent chambers are mounted one above the other in a specially designed frame.
Water is added directly into each chamber of the autoclave by the user
Each colour touchscreen advises when the water is at the correct level and manages the cycle from start to finish
At the end of each cycle the user is prompted by the touchscreen display to top up the water level to the correct point before starting another sterilization cycle

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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

The Astell 33 - 63 Litre Benchtop Autoclave Range

The 33 to 63 litre front loading 'Benchtop' autoclaves are available in two versions. Both require no plumbing, and operate from a standard single phase power supply. ‘Classic’ and ‘Ecofill’ models are available.

Astell benchtop 'Ecofill' units are one of the most energy efficient autoclaves available. The pressure vessel design ensures the absolute minimum amount of water is used during a sterilization cycle, which not only means comparably low power consumption, but also very quick heating and cooling.

A benchtop autoclave has a variety of uses, being suitable for sterilizing laboratory glassware, plastic receptacles and containers, petri dishes, un-wrapped instruments, media, and occasional discard loads.

In addition to laboratory use, it is not uncommon for benchtop autoclaves to be employed in other areas. In fact Astell regularly supplies its compact sterilizers for use in scientific research, process manufacturing, veterinary and medical healthcare industries to name but a few.

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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

The Astell 95 - 135 Litre Top Loading Autoclave Range

The 95 - 135 litre toploading autoclave range offers increased chamber sizes compared to the 'Compact' units, as well as featuring advanced options not available on smaller sized autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators, Simple/Advanced Vacuum Generators, Simple/Advanced Vacuum and Cooling options.Cooling options.

These options enable a top loading sterilizer to be tailored to the needs of the customer by speeding up cooling, dealing with liquids, porous-type loads and allowing a wider range of items to be efficiently processed.

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About us

Company details

Although the current name Astell Scientific was adopted in the late 1980’s, the company can trace a rich history in sterilization and autoclave manufacturing that extends back over 130 years.

Charles Hearson established Charles Hearson & Co. in 1884, a company specialising in the manufacture of autoclaves and incubators for medical practitioners. The company continued to evolve through the early half of the twentieth century offering temperature controlled and other laboratory apparatus. 

Around 1950 two gentlemen named Tom Ashton and Reg Cuttell established Astell Laboratory Service Co. to offer a range of products and consumables to the growing laboratory sector, the name ‘Astell’ being an amalgamation of parts of both their surnames. A decade later the business merged with Charles Hearson and Co. to form one company under the name Astell Hearson, and it’s this company, renamed Astell Scientific in 1988, that is survived today and remains the leader in sterilization technology. It's this heritage and long-running experience that enables Astell to continue to produce world leading products.

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