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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

iQmax® Smart Textiles

iQmax® is our new brand for smart textiles. 

iQ stands for intelligence and max is for maximum.

The core technology of iQmax® is to combine fiber with electronics, offering a functional innovative product for use in apparel for a variety of markets and giving the textiles unlimited possibilities. 

The iQmax® product line is an innovation on textile modules; integrating safety, cloth processing and comfortability. With this smart textile innovation, we aim to step into the world of wearable technology, such as pressure, temperature, and touch sensing textile elements that can help making the garments more interactive and responsive.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

iQmax® Smart Textile Modules

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been driven the development of wearable devices into various applications. The most advisable is definitely garment; therefore SMART CLOTHING is a hot and new topic in terms of wearable technology. iQmax® design is based on AFC® core competence – textile material and process. We aim to focus on developing electronic signal delivery textile modules which are able to meet the requirements of comfort, stretchiness and washability for garment. iQmax® is a smart module application that builds a bridge between textile and electronic components by integrating our iQmax® smart textile modules: textile cable, elastic textile cable, textile connector, textile sensor, etc.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

iQmax® Wearable Massage Modules

iQmax® Wearable Massage Modules integrate the smart application (APP), smart cable, conductive pad and electrode into one, offering all-compatible accessory for massage devices on the market. Users can choose to pair the modules with their smart devices directly to activate multiple E-massage modes, allowing a versatile massage and electrical muscle stimulation experience.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

iQmax® Smart Heated Eye Mask

iQmax® Smart HeatedEye Mask is composed of thermal textiles and pioneering smart heated modules. The top-quality mask adopts skin-friendly and soft functional fabric that is designed to retain and conduct heat, effectively and evenly, all over the surface of the mask, thus assuring ample comfort for the eyes. The corresponding iQmax® Smart Heated Module allows easy adjustments of heating power and timer through the app in smart devices (either smartphones or tablets), offering desirable warm compress to puffy and dry eyes, and meanwhile, being worry-free for overheating.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

iQmax® Heated Modules

iQmax® Heated Modules feature well-distributed wiring layout that allows efficient heat conduction and temperature increase. The modules are exceptionally flexible and easy to be processed and combined with other textiles. Their unique connection design and strengthened tensile ability offer excellent endurance of repeated folding and laundry. iQmax® Heated Modules can be designed to fit into a wide range of applications, for instance, vest, neck warmer, scarf, socks, insoles, and other accessories.

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About us

Company details

Finding a supplier can sometimes feel like a huge task, especially when it is on the other side of the globe; communication can seem tedious, sometimes non-existent, and the risks of requests being lost in translation are daunting.

Finding a great partner, where orders are processed with speed and diligence, where fabrics are the products you specifically need and where the people are friendly, supportive and always looking to develop new solutions while maintaining high standards of quality, may seem that much more impossible.

Not to us.

At Asiatic (AFC), over 40 years of experience have made us understand how crucial our products are to our customers, and to the people who wear them. 

We have consistently remained uncompromising on quality and have dedicated ourselves to developing the perfect fabrics. Every day, we focus on finding new solutions to provide a full range of new fabrics and garments, which are more performant, more affordable and of even better quality.

In addition, we understand that good partners are those who listen to and care about the client’s needs. We support all our customers from the beginning of their projects to the end. We do whatever is necessary to solve their problems or to get their product approved by regulatory agencies.

With our in-depth knowledge of fabric and new product development, we consult, we deliver, we solve, we suggest. We are committed to our relationships because we see beyond the company; we see our business partners as people who had reasons to be apprehensive; and we change their minds.

AFC. Weaving Strong Partnerships

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