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Wearable technologies, smart textiles

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles


Bioman+ is a base upper body garment solution for a wide range of smart clothing solutions.

It consists of conductive fiber based textile electrodes for the acquisition of the electric activity of human body as well as conductive thread to carry the electric signals to the processing & transmission module that is snapped onto the garment.

Bioman+ has been validated with most of the industry leading heart rate & ECG module vendors and continues to be the first choice Smart Clothing partner for new module vendors entering this rapidly growing segment.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles


The capability to digitize human motion is significant in a wide range of application scenarios – Sports Coaching, Physiotherapy Management, Entertainment and Industrial applications, to name the most popular ones.

Moving into motion capture realm has been a part of AiQ’s long term plans and we believe we have aced that one by joining Synertial, the most accurate inertial motion capture brand in the world, with over 25 years of experience.

AiQ and Synertial will be offering a new set of products under the AiQ-Synertial brand, with cutting edge technology in electronics hardware and smart fabrics (AiQ), coupled with the most sophisticated kinematics tools & software to produce professional data sets and plugins for most popular 3rd party application in Industrial, sports and entertainment applications.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

RFID Laundry Tags

AiQ provides industry leading performance for RFID laundry tags enabling leading RFID module vendors to combine AiQ’s conductive fiber based high performance antenna with their RFID modules and embedding the entire solution in a textile tag that can be easily be integrated into any apparel, linen and other textile form factors.

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Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Textile Cables

AiQ offers a variety of textile based cables capable of carrying both analog and digital signals as both proprietary (application specific custom designs) as well as standards based solutions to support both intra-device and inter-device connectivity needs for use in Smart Clothing, Defence & First responder wear, industrial, medical and consumer applications. AiQ’s portfolio of textile cables includes stretchable, highly durable, machine washable and environmentally friendly.

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About us

Company details

AiQ is regarded as a pioneer in the smart clothing industry. Starting as the Innovation Group within KingsMetal Fiber, a leader in stainless steel fiber based woven fabric for specialty glass applications such as automotive glass.

The phenomenal growth in IoT ecosystem has brought out several hundreds of types of tiny low power sensors that can sense a variety of status & activity fuelling the M2M and IOT industries.

However, when it comes to sensing the human condition & activity in a non-invasive manner, there is still a long way to go in the development of appropriate technologies and regulatory frameworks.

When fully evolved, we can expect to see a complete paradigm shift in the healthcare industry aided by advances in big data, machine learning leveraging the physiological data that is continuously acquired by the sensors.

Until we get to a stage where a sensor can be printed on a human body or even embedded into it, leveraging textile form factors to serve as the 2nd skin layer to house the sensors to collect physiological information.

The clothes we wear, haven’t really changed in their core functionality in thousands of years.

AiQ is pioneering the effort to alter the status quo by fusing semiconductors with textiles to create a new generation of apparel and other textile form factors that are intelligent, connected to a network spanning PAN, LAN & WAN and either solve specific problems or enrich certain slices of life.

While some analysts and media tend to slot Smart Clothing as a part of Wearables industry, AiQ views Smart Clothing and e-Textiles as additional nodes in the IoT network. Not all Smart Clothing & e-textiles are wearables – examples will be smart mattresses that can be used for sleep monitoring or intelligent automobile upholstery.

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