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Haematology analyzers

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Product category: Haematology analyzers


The technical innovation of the iSED® fully-automated ESR analyzer consists of directly measuring the intensity of the red cell aggregation which is responsible for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR). 

Unlike traditional ESR methodologies that measure the aggregation of the red blood cells indirectly, the iSED measures it directly and expresses the values in mm/hr.

By virtue of its technology, the iSED produces ESR results within 20 seconds without the variables which are commonly associated with traditional ESR testing, the most important of which is hematocrit.

iSED uses quantimetric photometry to capture the impact of the early phase of RBC sedimentation – the rouleaux formation. This stage is the most critical of the ESR because the size of the red blood cell aggregates is directly proportional to ESR values which increase according to the presence and intensity of inflammation.

iSED’s micro-flow cell captures the critical kinetics of RBC in highly controlled testing environment to produce ESR results that are unaffected by the variables commonly associated with traditional ESR testing methods.

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Product category: Haematology analyzers


Seditrol® is a bi-level quality control, manufactured from human blood used to monitor the performance of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) procedures. Seditrol® is used to monitor the performance of the laboratory’s analyzer and the quality of the technique, as well as the effect environmental factors such as temperature, bench top vibration and sample suitability may have on the quality of the test results. 

Seditrol® is used in the same manner as the patient sample.

Additional information:
  • No refrigeration required (storage at room temperature between 18°C-30°C)
  • 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture
  • 31 day open vial stability or 40 QC runs in each tube
  • Lot sequestering available upon request

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Product category: Haematology analyzers


The miniiSED™ is the newest addition to the iSED® family of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) analyzers from ALCOR Scientific. The miniiSED™ measurement of ESR is fast, accurate and unaffected by variables associated with traditional methodologies, such as hematocrit. This single position, fully automated ESR analyzer works directly from primary EDTA tubes or BD Microtainer® MAP Microtubes, requires 100 microliters of sample, has an internal barcode reader, and produces stat results in 15 seconds!

This compact fully-automated ESR analyzer utilizes photometric reading to quantify the Rouleaux formation, which is the earliest and most critical phase of sedimentation. miniiSED’s micro-flow cell captures the critical kinetics of RBC in highly controlled testing environment to produce ESR results in 15 seconds. The analyzers results are unaffected by the variables commonly associated with traditional ESR testing methods. Some of these variables include hematocrit, MCV and temperature.

The miniiSED™ is the ideal ESR analyzer for emergency rooms, POLs, and small hospital laboratories.

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About us

Company details

Our Company
ALCOR Scientific is a designer and manufacturer of innovative diagnostic instrumentation and medical devices for the healthcare industry.

Since our founding in 2001, we have revolutionized the medical device marketplace by focusing on historically inefficient, under-served healthcare segments.

We research and develop niche technologies that vastly improve outcomes for providers that have previously struggled with outmoded technology.

Our Passion
Innovation is the cornerstone of ALCOR Scientific. We bridge art and science to design elegant solutions that modernize traditional processes and procedures, improving their effectiveness, speed and cost efficiency. Our products are meticulously designed to provide transformational solutions for a wide range of healthcare applications. We blend creative thinking, a deep understanding of bioscience and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to help healthcare providers save time and improve patient care.

ALCOR Scientific products are sold through a network of distributors, as well as directly to healthcare providers worldwide. All of our equipment is designed, manufactured and supported in the USA, in our Smithfield, Rhode Island center of innovation.

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