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Patient monitoring systems

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Is an Argentine brand of high technology devices in electromedicine.
Designs, manufactures and markets, for the whole world.


To be a global oximetry referent.


To apply the modern technology and applications development to electromedicine for users and customers needs satisfaction.


Biotrend began in 2003 with the development of its first pulse oximeter, BPO250 using NONIN adquisition technology.

In 2006 Biotrend developed a pulse oximeter with bluetooth technology over a cellphone. It was the basement for the development of the SYNAPSE, a wireless platform for device monitoring.

In 2007 Biotrend launched the pulse oximeter BPO150 and began with the development of its own adquisition technology.

The new biotrend SAT (saturation adquisition technology)was born with high quality performance at the end of 2010. This fact allowed Biotrend being part of the select group of companies around the world with this technology.

At present, Biotrend has an exclusive algorithm for the measurement of oximetry, integrating the select group of companies that, all over the world, possess the technology of acquisition of pulse oximetry.

He has designed and manufactured thousands of oximetry equipment that currently monitor patients at the most prestigious health centers.

Its OEM designs are part of hundreds of high-precision medical equipment, neonatal incubators, multi-parameter monitors and mechanical respirators.

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