Ain Tec Industrial Co., Ltd.

12F.-5, No. 101, Fuxing N. Rd. Songshan Dist., 10595 Taipei
Telephone +886 2 87706350
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.03  Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery

Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery

About us

Company details

1983:Ain Tec Industrial Co.,Ltd. Was established in Taiwan.
1983:Starting to offer High-Speed precision lathe processing.
1985:Starting to produce precision parts by automatic machinery and CNC processing.
1986:Manufacturing and export bicycle parts to Japan market, primarily in bottom bracket parts.
1988:Starting to cooperate with some famous companies in bicycle filed, includes GIANT,
1992:Starting to manufacture suspension and frame parts.
1995:Starting to develop in-house brand in aluminum and steel alloy rear shocks/B.B shell.
1999:Two subsidiaries were established in Taiwan for growing capacity.
2000:Starting to develop and produce self-brand complete bikes; same year, the “RUNT”
bike sales broke the 250,000pcs. AIN Tec Industrial Co.,Ltd. Become Taiwan’s leading
mini-bike brand export.
2001:The first overseas subsidiary of Ain Tec Industrial Co.,Ltd-An Thal Machinery Co.,Ltd was
established in Jiang Su of China.

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