Skovhusevej 17, 4773 Stensved
Telephone +45 5538 6565

About us

Company details

AMP was founded in 1991 by Poul Mikkelsen and is a 100% Danish limited company.

  • AMP is a company with modern production equipment for injection moulding of thermoplastic materials.
  • AMP are ISO 90001:2008 certified.
  • AMP communicates and trade World Wide.
  • AMP are known for on time deliveries, high quality and excellent documentation.
  • AMP has extensive knowledge and many years' experience in the plastic industry. We solve the customer tasks from ide, component design, component drawing, mould construction, choice of material, purchase of moulds, component production, Lot documentation, post moulding i.e printing and ultrasonic welding.
  • AMP carries out production and documentation on customer moulds as specified by the customer.
  • AMP's quotations are always "open quotations"
  • AMP uses for component qualifying: 3D-Zeiss O-inspect, video measuring microscope, IR Analyses, profile projector, colour measuring and vision control.
  • AMP can deliver full documentation for the produced Lots, SPC printout based on central accumulation directly from the machines.
  • AMP's production is a controlled clean environment.
  • AMP produces after GMP.
  • AMP takes pride in being a responsible business partner.

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