ALVI EXPO (Partnership)

Marala Road Murad Pur, 51310 Sialkot
Telephone +92 52 4360207
Fax +92 52 4360209

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.12  Other surgical instruments and products

Our products

Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Medical/Surgical Instruments

1.     Surgical Scissors
2.     Surgical Forceps
3.     Surgical Hemostats
4.     Surgical Retractors
5.     Surgical Clamps
6.     Surgical Hammers
7.     Needle Holder
8.     Scalpel Handles
9.     Tweezers
10.   TC Instruments
11.   Micro Instruments
12.   Mallets

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Diagnostic/Anesthesia/ENT Instruments

1.     Laryngoscope Macintosh FO
2.     Laryngoscope Miller Conventional
3.     Laryngoscope Flexi Tip (Mccoy)
4.     Otoscopes Fiber
5.     ENT Complete Set
6.     Dermatoscopes
7.     Ophthalmoscopes
8.     Laryngoscope Single Use
9.     Laryngoscope Comby

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Spinal/Neuro/Biopsy Instrments

1.     Biopsy Punch
2.     Crocodile Forceps
3.     Crocodile Micro Forceps
4.     Kerison Punch
5.     Kerison Rounger
6.     Tischler Forceps
7.     Rod Cutter
8.     Spreaders
9.     Dissectors

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About us

Company details

Alvi Expo. is a leading company from Sialkot Pakistan and is manufacturing of its Surgical/Medical instruments of all kinds which are used in different surgery procedures in different countries complying with all quality International Standards. The company's technical team always aware for maintaining quality and also busy for making products faults free during manufacturing.  that's why our products are seemed different than others.

Alvi Expo. has its own manufacturing set up for making any challenge-able products as customers desired however, Alvi's products got its products repute in International Market. 

we assure you our best service always.


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